NORTH SALEM, N.Y.--Now that the once notoriously bumpy Bloomer Road has been improved and resurfaced, the Town Board has expressed concerns that the going just might be too smooth for motorists. And on Nov. 2, the state Department of Transportation approved the town’s petition to lower the speed limit.

“We were concerned it was going to be too fast,” Supervisor Warren Lucas said of the road’s repaved lanes. He and the rest of the Town Board have been voicing their concerns since before the project even began. 

Joken Development has completed the installation of a 3-inch sewer line underneath the road. Lucas said paving was held off longer than the ideal time to avoid having to dig up a freshly paved road for the sewer installation.

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The cost of the roadwork, which was completed by the county, was about $1.69 million, Lucas said, and began in August.

The area is largely residential, Lucas said; there are about 200 homes off Bloomer Road. Additionally, a golf course borders the road.

“There’s a lot of traffic coming in,”  Lucas said, and many residents had voiced their concerns to the board regarding potential speeding.

The DOT conducted a traffic speed study at the request of the Town Board.

“The review considered roadside features and collected speed data for travel along Bloomer Road,” David Parker, DOT traffic investigator, wrote in the letter. “The review was delayed due to the resurfacing of Bloomer Road in the 2017 construction season.”

Though he said that slowing down traffic is counterintuitive to the DOT’s job, Lucas said DOT officials were accommodating.

“We appreciate their concurrence, which will make the road safer for our citizens,” he said.

There are some finishing touches that need to be done, Lucas said, including the completion of work on the guard rail, and a final top coat of pavement. These will be completed by the end of the month, Lucas anticipated.

It is Westchester County’s job to install the new speed limit signs, which Lucas said will be going up within the next few weeks.