NORTH SALEM, N.Y. – Senior Kayla DeModna is a member of the North Salem field hockey and girls lacrosse teams. She played soccer until her sophomore year, when she developed a newfound love for field hockey, which was sparked by her younger sisters, Krista and Kaitlyn, her parents, and her coach, Jennifer Frohman.

How are you getting through this period of social distancing? What are you doing to keep busy?

This social distancing thing is starting to get old. I miss going out and spending time with my friends from school and work. And especially not being able to get onto a field and practicing. I’ve been going outside and working on my stick skills, taking long walks and runs around my neighborhood, working on a paint by number, and spending time with my three St. Bernards and Lab.

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How would you rate your chances, 1-10, of suiting up for the Tigers again?

I would rate my chances of suiting up for the Tigers as a 10. I miss this team so much. We were a huge family. Everyone knew how to make everyone’s day or help one another help improve whether that be on or off the field. We were a unit and we all knew when to have fun, and we did it “for us,” as our team said throughout the season. Our group had this special bond, it just felt natural for our team, we all knew our strengths and weaknesses and we helped each other stay after practice or on our off days to improve or to just have fun with all of us.

What jersey number do you wear and is there any significance behind it?

I wear jersey numbers 1 and 5. These numbers have huge significance to me. No. 1 because I was the first born in my family, I was born on the 1st day of May, and that I put everyone first before myself. That’s why I wear 1. I also wear jersey number 5 because it represents my family. And, to me, family shows strength, love, trust, commitment, and selflessness. And all of those characteristics and many more is what I bring to the table when it comes to any team.

What is your favorite sports memory from your time at North Salem?

My favorite sports memory from my time at North Salem would be our last game of the season against Carmel. That game was very intense, and very nerve-racking. It was under their lights at their school. The score was 0-0 until I scored from an assist from my other forward (Allison Eberhardt) with 25 minutes left in the first half. Then Carmel scored, which made us determined and wanted more. Then with one minute left of play Allison, scored the winning goal. That game was the most memorable because even though Carmel was tougher than us, we never gave up, we pushed ourselves, and encouraged one another to stay in the game, and to get another win “for us.”

Another memory I had was the second week of preseason. Everyone was super quiet and tired. We started our warm-up run, and to liven the team up, I started singing “How Far I’ll Go” from the Disney movie “Moana.” Most of the group chimed in then the whole team started to sing along. From that one day, it started to become an almost every practice ritual we’d sing throwbacks from our childhood, Christmas songs, and songs you hear on the radio. These two memories will always stay with me more forever being my favorite.

Who has been your biggest role model over the years and what have you learned from them?

My biggest role model over the years has been my dad. My dad has shown me and helped me become a better player, whether that has been soccer, field hockey, or lacrosse. He would buy my sisters and I training equipment and goals for us to practice and to improve our skill and level of play. I’ve learned from him that it’s OK to give up and try something new and pursue that dream like I did with soccer and pursuing field hockey. He also taught me to never give up if I couldn’t do a specific skill or trick shot or anything like that. He would help me motivate me by long lectures and stories to show me that anything can happen if you put hard work and dedication in. Or we’d work together to find a way to make that task accomplishable.

What life lessons have you learned from sports?

A life lesson that I have learned from playing sports would be teamwork. I say this because in order to win a game, or even just to play, it doesn’t take just one person to do everything. It’s the whole team working together to get the win, assist, stroke, or the breakaway. Everyone works together to get the job done. That’s what I’ve learned from being a multi-sport athlete.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Before every game, I would meet up with my best friend (Jenna Shaughnessy) and we’d go get bagels or a snack for the bus ride(s) home, and we’d sit in her car, jam out and listen to music, or just talk. Once we got on the bus, I’d have my little sister (Kaitlyn DeModna) braid my hair every bus ride or before every home game. And we’d get hyped up listening to music on the bus and singing our butts off.

What are your post-high school plans, athletically and academically?

My post-high school plans are that I will be attending Western Connecticut State University and studying exploratory studies. I will also be playing for their Division III women’s field hockey team. Then as fall 2021 comes around, I will transfer to SUNY Cortland and by then have found a major to pursue and continue to study there.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

If I had one superpower it would be having the ability to teleport. This is because it’ll make travel easier and faster, and will make the game of play very interesting.

What is something about yourself people would be surprised to learn?

Something that people will be surprised to learn about me is that I have an obsession with eating ketchup with almost everything. I’ve had this obsession since I was a child and I still do to this day.

What place would you most like to visit?

I would love to visit Skopelos, Greece. The view from the island is insane, and gorgeous. And after watching and growing up loving the movie “Mamma Mia,” I would love to visit and explore the island and their culture.

What is your favorite place to eat locally?

My favorite place to eat would have to be Frank Pepe’s. I love pizza.

What’s the go-to app on your phone and why?

The go-to app on my phone would be Snapchat because I can talk and see my friends who live far away. It’s also an easier and more fun way of communicating with all my friends.

Are you currently binging anything?

I am currently binging chocolate milk and watching the “Originals” on Netflix.

For a young athlete growing up in the North Salem school district, what would you tell them about the experience of being on the field hockey team and why should they go out for it?

Being a part of the field hockey team is something you don’t want to miss out on. You will make so many unforgettable memories, make lots of new friends, and be a part of a sisterhood! Field hockey is one of those sports that you can’t get bored of playing. There’s always something new to learn or try. And by playing this sport, it will open up new opportunities and doors for you in the future.

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