Juliette Intrieri (North Salem Track)

I’ve been switching between running on the track and dirt roads to keep my training fun!

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Kyle Singer (North Salem Baseball)

With schools and gyms closed, I’m working out from home. Lots of body weight stuff and whatever weights I can use. I’m also getting tee work in and ground balls in the yard to keep my hands sharp.

Katie Mogg (North Salem Track)

I’ve been trying my best to continue training by staying in contact with my coach despite these challenging circumstances.

Jenna Shaughnessy (North Salem Girls Lacrosse)

I have been going to the track and around my neighborhood for conditioning. I've been hitting the rebounder that I own to keep up my stick skills as well as train myself mentally for if we do get thrown back into our season or, sadly, if we don’t get to play.

Chris Regan (North Salem Golf Coach)

As the varsity golf coach, when we last practiced on Friday, March 13, we spoke to the team about continuing to stretch and stay active as much as possible. They could also begin to take advantage of the golf resources in town (Pequenaconck, Vails Grove) or in nearby towns (Centennial in Carmel) if conditions were safe to do so.

Chris Gould (North Salem Track Coach)

The North Salem spring track and field team continues to train in hopes of competing this season. Our athletes are individually following a specific daily program for distance or sprint training, as well as core strength work. In anticipating a return to team practices, we will earnestly train with a purpose and look forward to picking up the same team dynamic we had in the first week of practices.

Rob Gilchrist (North Salem Baseball Coach)

My players will take advantage of this seasonal weather and throw outdoors to maintain and continue to condition their arms. Players can also continue getting the reps in swinging the bat either by tee work or someone throwing batting practice to them. I am confident they will continue training on their own to be ready to go when the season starts back up. 

Geoff Curtis (John Jay Baseball Coach)

I think at this point the best plan is to train solo. I know a lot of kids don't think they have anything to worry about that, but it seems quite clear that isn't the case. Train solo. There will be time for ‘group’ and ‘team’ work and gatherings later.

Thomas Parisi (Somers Baseball)

During my time away from school I have been practicing in my batting cage by hitting off a tee each day. Also, I have a throwback that I throw into every day.

Debbie Daly (Somers Girls Lacrosse Coach)

I communicate with them daily through SportsYou. We share workouts and clinics and ideas on SportsYou. The Somers athletes are an awesome group of girls who are eager to work hard, be competitive and never give up. I love how they are supporting each other. The upper classmen really reach out to the younger girls and including them in workouts and gear purchases.

Anthony Nappi (Somers Baseball Coach)

Players are in a really tough spot because, in order to be as safe as possible, we are to limit contact with others. Hitting can be done anywhere; players can use a tee, soft toss or just take dry swings anywhere. Tennis balls can be used if they’re in an area that they are worried about damaging things. It’s all about the reps. Throwing is the tough part because it’s easier to do with a partner. Players can throw into netting or use “the sock drill” to keep their arms working. Lastly, defensively players can use a wall with any type of ball to work on ground balls and footwork. 

Leigh Fiorito (Somers Golf Coach)

Golf is an easier sport to continue training for as it allows for social distancing naturally. Players are still playing and are working on their short game in their backyard. Time can also be spent online reviewing rules and watching great swings!

Jesse Arnett (Somers Track Coach)

I think it’s important to stick to a routine. Not only with your eating and sleeping but with your training regimen. Any workout can be modified to fit your space and ability level so use your resources, reach out to your coaches and don’t be afraid to try something new. I keep telling my athletes to mind CDC guidelines, check in with distance learning at school, but then use the rest of the time to get in the best shape of your life. In a time like this it is hard work, dedication and perseverance that will result in success no matter when the season continues

C.J. Riefenhauser (Yorktown Baseball Coach)

I know our guys are encouraged to watch videos sent from myself or our other coaches; keeping up on throwing; hit off tees; dry work in front of a mirror. Also, Athlete's Warehouse has been awesome. They have been posting in-home workouts that our guys are encouraged to do to stay ready!

Lauren McAulay (Yorktown Girls Lacrosse Coach)

We are making sure the girls are practicing social distancing. We have been sending them daily ideas of things they can practice on individually (footwork, stick skills, wall ball).

Joe Vetrano (Lakeland Baseball)

I have had to make many adjustments due to this virus. Typically, I would train in Mount Kisco, but now I have been limited to my basement and my street. I’ve been running and just doing whatever I can to stay active.

Kelsey McDonnell (Yorktown Girls Lacrosse)

With schools closed it’s definitely harder to train with not being able to have practice every day. To stay up to par I’ve been trying to do some form of running every day, going to the wall to keep stick skills up, and I have continued to go shooting where I work on my dodges in the 8 and recently I’ve been focusing on my power shots. On top of that from a more fun perspective I got back into riding my bike where I can go on the trail with friends or just ride around the neighborhood.

Zach Esteves (Mahopac Boys Lacrosse)

How I am continuing to train with schools closed for my lacrosse season is by working out for about an hour at my house with whatever I have that can get me a nice sweat. Then I go outside and play wallball for 30 minutes to an hour to keep my stick skills how they should be.

Shannon Becker (Mahopac Softball)

With school and facilities closed it’s obviously a little tougher to train. But I’ve been making the most of it by doing indoor workouts and throwing outside when I can.

Matt McMahon (Mahopac Track)

I am continuing to train by doing workouts that I can do from home, such as pushups, sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and planks. I am also going on daily runs or playing basketball to stay active.

Kelley Posch (Mahopac Track Coach)

While my background in my sport is in the running events, I am incredibly adamant that track and field is more than just running events. That being said, whether your event is on the track or in the field there are many ways to continue to train without being able to practice together. Running is a predominantly individual venture and we are fortunate to be able to do it, even in these kinds of conditions. Where there is a will, there is a way. In high school, my teammate who went on to compete on scholarship at Stanford University literally ran laps around her bedroom on snow days. You can keep that cardio up no matter what space to which you are quarantined. As for field events, the body weight strength exercises are key. At Mahopac our physical education teacher and football coach, Coach Dom DeMatteo, is on Twitter showcasing the ingenuity of our athletes who are using their spaces and resources to complete regular exercises. Whether they are lunging with body weight or doing “front plate raises” with a 24 pack of waters, our athletes are able to keep active and maintain fitness. Kudos to Coach DeMatteo for continuing to inspire our student-athletes in this time.

Myckie Lugbauer (Mahopac Baseball Coach)

A few of the guys on my team are able to go and hit on their own in the backyard in there batting cages that they have but something as simple as setting up a net in the yard and hitting off a tee is helpful. I know a lot of them have an arm care program that they follow on their own that they are able to continue to do this on their own. Even going outside in the yard and having a catch with a parent or sibling is something they can do to make sure their arm is staying in shape.

Cristina Giansante (Mahopac Softball Coach)

I check in with my girls pretty often to check on their mental state. It's hard for teenagers to understand the magnitude of this and what is being asked of them. However, right now I have put training aside and asked that they just ensure the safety of themselves and their family members. With all this free time, many of them are working out at their homes/in their backyards and that is great for their physical and, especially, mental health. Truly most of these student athletes are always running at 100: school, sports, homework, study, travel teams, etc. They rarely ever get a break to just sit, be still, spend time with family; not cram. I think that's actually the silver lining here; these kids are getting a mental and physical break whether they think they need it or not. They are getting to maybe actually sit and have dinner with the family, conversations are being had that aren't school/sports related. Families are getting opportunities to hike together, do puzzles together, tackle at home projects, have movie nights! These things are good for the brain and the soul.

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