Juliette Intrieri (Senior, North Salem Track)

I really like “A League of Their Own.” The women empowerment inspires me to work hard.

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Kyle Singer (Senior, North Salem Baseball)

“The Natural” is my favorite movie of all time.

Jenna Shaughnessy (Senior, North Salem Girls Lacrosse)

My favorite sports movies are “The Blind Side” and “The Sand Lot.”

Chris Regan (North Salem Golf Coach)

I love the 30 for 30s on ESPN. I just watched two of them. One was called "Phi Slama Jama," about the University of Houston teams from the early 1980s, and the other was called “I Hate Christian Laettner,” about the love/hate relationship that fans at the time had for him. Next up is “Celtics & Lakers: Best of Enemies.” I hope you see the basketball trend here!

Chris Gould (North Salem Track Coach)

“McFarland, USA,” “Miracle,” “We Are Marshall,” “Remember the Titans,” “Cinderella Man”

Rob Gilchrist (North Salem Baseball Coach)

My favorite baseball movie would be “Bull Durham” with “Major League” coming in as a close second. I am looking forward to the 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan coming out this summer. 

Geoff Curtis (John Jay Baseball Coach)

Ken Burns' “Baseball” series. All available now for free on PBS. Amazing historical perspective that a lot of people don't know. Amazing.

Thomas Parisi (Senior, Somers Baseball)

My favorite sports movie is definitely “The Sandlot.” I have seen it at least 10 times and is still funny every time I watch it.

Anthony Nappi (Somers Baseball Coach)

My favorite sports movie is “Rookie of the Year.”

Leigh Fiorito (Somers Golf Coach)

“Rudy.” Positive attitude is the most important skill.

Jesse Arnett (Somers Track Coach)

It’s tough to pick one but I have a love for all of the Rocky movies especially the first one, and I can watch “Rudy” and “Miracle” on repeat. As a runner “McFarland, USA” and the Prefontaine movies were amazing.

C.J. Riefenhauser (Yorktown Baseball Coach)

My favorite sports documentary is “Kobe Bryant's Muse.” I have two favorite sports movies: “For Love of the Game” and “Bull Durham.”

Tim O'Callaghan (Senior, Yorktown Boys Lacrosse)

My favorite sports movie is “Friday Night Lights,” especially because I am a senior in high school and it really touches on how much sports mean to the players and community around the high school. “Miracle” is a close second.

Joe Vetrano (Senior, Lakeland Baseball)

I enjoy all sports movies, but one that sticks out to me is “42,” the movie about Jackie Robinson playing back in the day and what he had to overcome.

Kelsey McDonnell (Senior, Yorktown Girls Lacrosse)

My favorite sports documentary is “Undefeated.” It is a compelling and uplifting story and with everything going on right now, it sends a good message to push through these obstacles and keep our heads up.

Zach Esteves (Senior, Mahopac Boys Lacrosse)

My favorite sports movie would have to be “Remember the Titans.” I like that movie because it shows that segregation was not a way to go about life and that your skin color doesn’t matter, you can always make new friends.

Shannon Becker (Junior, Mahopac Softball)

My favorite sports movie is “42.”

Kelley Posch (Mahopac Track Coach)

In our sport there was a recent series from a site called that covered the trials and triumphs of Northern Arizona University's men’s cross-country teams as they attempted to win their fourth straight NCAA D1 title. It is a tremendously raw documentary that highlights the best parts of our sport.

On a more mainstream platform, “Miracle” is a favorite. We were actually in the middle of studying the film in my freshman advisory class (called MHS Life) before we left for this unexpected break. We were studying the social and emotional aspects of the movie and various themes of resilience, problem solving, risk-taking and compassion, which are our school's core values. I look forward to finishing our studies of that movie with my students when we return!

Myckie Lugbauer (Mahopac Baseball Coach)

I love baseball movies like “Bull Durham,” “Major League,” “Field of Dreams” and “Rookie of the Year.” I also love to watch “Miracle.” Every time I watch that movie it gets me fired up!

Matt McMahon (Senior, Mahopac Track)

My favorite sports movie is “Hoosiers.” However, I can't wait for “The Last Dance,” a 10-part documentary series on Michael Jordan coming out soon.

Cristina Giansante (Mahopac Softball Coach)

Probably goes without saying but, “A League of their Own.” Don't challenge me. No one likes to watch it with me because I recite every line. “Moneyball,” “The Blind Side,” “Miracle,” “Remember the Titans”­–all legendary films. I also really like to watch any 30 for 30, “Last Chance U.” But really my heart belongs to “Friday Night Lights.” The show, not the movie, to be clear. Coach Taylor's lessons are some of my favorite speeches. Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose. C'mon! I live by that.

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