HUDSON VALLEY, N.Y. - We checked in with athletes and coaches from John Jay, Lakeland, Mahopac, North Salem, Somers and Yorktown to see how they're handing this period of social distancing.

Juliette Intriteri (North Salem Track)

I’m currently rewatching “Schitt’s Creek.” It’s such a funny show and helps lighten the mood during this stressful time.

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Kyle Singer (North Salem Baseball)

Right now, I’m binge-watching “The Office.”

Katie Mogg (North Salem Track)

I’m currently binge-watching a documentary series called “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.”

Jenna Shaughnessy (North Salem Girls Lacrosse)

I’m binging a few shows/movies: “Designated Survivor,” the Marvel and Star Wars movies. I’m also doing a lot of reading.

Chris Regan (North Salem Golf Coach)

I just finished “The Man in the High Castle” and “Narcos: Mexico.” My wife and I are continuing with season three of “The Handmaid's Tale.” The TV is rarely off!

Rob Gilchrist (North Salem Baseball Coach)

I'm watching a lot of the Yankees classic games on the YES Network. I recently watched the entire perfect game David Cone threw in 1999.

Geoff Curtis (John Jay Baseball Coach)

ALL OF THEM. Hah, actually, getting ready for distance learning and Zoom conferences are taking most of my time. After that, I'm trying to ride my bike (solo) as much as possible.

Thomas Parisi (Somers Baseball)

I am not currently binging any shows, but I am playing the video game “MLB: The Show” constantly with my friends on PS4. It came out last week and is very addicting already.

Anthony Nappi (Somers Baseball Coach)

“The Office.” I can always watch “The Office.”

Leigh Fiorito (Somers Golf Coach)

No binging allowed! It can leave one a pile of mush!

Jesse Arnett (Somers Track Coach)

Usually I’m watching sports but right now there are none on TV so for now it’s “Yankees Classics” and “Seinfeld” until everything is back to normal.

Joe Vetrano (Lakeland Baseball)

I am currently binging “All American.” It’s a great show about a star football player.

Kelsey McDonnell (Yorktown Girls Lacrosse)

On Netflix, I'm currently binging the show "All American." A new season just came out so it gives me something to watch during the time off.

C.J. Riefenhauser (Yorktown Baseball Coach)

I am actually rewatching “Game of Thrones.”

Tim O'Callaghan (Yorktown Boys Lacrosse)

I have been watching “Dark,” “Stranger Things,” and “Mindhunter,” and I’ve just started watching “Breaking Bad.” It’s been pretty entertaining.

Zach Esteves (Mahopac Boys Lacrosse)

The show that I am currently binging is “Friends,” which is a classic, and I am rewatching “New Girl.”

Shannon Becker (Mahopac Softball)

I’m not binging anything at the moment, but I did watch “Stranger Things” and it is definitely my favorite show I’ve watched.

Kelley Posch (Mahopac Track Coach)

Not a “show,” but currently finishing The Avengers series—I know, quite behind. But not anymore!

Myckie Lugbauer (Mahopac Baseball Coach)

I always find myself going back and watching “The Office” on Netflix but I have been recently watching “The People vs. OJ Simpson” and “Love Is Blind.”

Cristina Giansante (Mahopac Softball Coach)

I have probably watched everything remotely decent Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go have to offer. Just finished “Hunters” on Amazon, which was awesome. I am a huge history nerd, so that was right up my alley. Any suggestions for me? Email them to me. Seriously, everyone do that.

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