NUTLEY, NJ - The Nutley Academic Boosters Club announced the winners of the 2017 Science Fair. Winners will be presented with trophies on April 18 at an award ceremony at John H. Walker Middle School on April 18 at 7 p.m.

KINDERGARTEN 1 st Place (TEAM): Ariana Kathawala and Kiena Joshi Y “Gummy Bears” 2 nd Place: Arman Nasir R “Parachutes” 3 rd Place (TIE): Zachary Alameda Y Sofia Torres R Grayson Alvarez Y Caleb Wasserman H Naisha Agrawal Y Logan Goode Y Jake Aman-Iannuzzelli SG Arjun Tiwari Y Sophia Harris R Aylin Hindistan Y Lily Windheim and Ella Molinaro Y Sri Aaryan Kalidindi and Sri Aadyan Kalidindi Y Brandon Knott Y Shriya Karnik Y Abigail Sanafria W Srivats Balabhadrapatruni Y Zahra Khorakiwala Y Esha Songra and Keya Mehta Y

FIRST GRADE 1 st place: Shivaan Sawant Y “Rube Goldberg Machine” 2 nd place: Soham Shah Y “Why do we use salt in ice cream?” 3 rd place: Annabella Matos Y “Parts of a Flower”

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SECOND GRADE 1 st place: Rohan Vyas Y “It’s Not Magic, It’s Magnetic” 2 nd place (TEAM): Sophia McMullen and Marley Windheim Y “Water pH” 3 rd place: Ida Delpeche L “Dead Sea”

THIRD GRADE 1 st place (3-way TIE): Niyathi Padman Y “Leaf Pigments” Tvisha Reikhy Y “Hydro Power” Daniel Ruthman and Cameron Anderson W “Aerodynamics” 2 nd place: Nikhil Tiwari Y “Preserving Foods” 3 rd place (TEAM): Kenisha Aouk and Karen Fukuoka-Schreiber W “Lemons vs. Potatoes”

FOURTH GRADE 1 st place: Andrea Acomata Y “Solar-powered Toys” 2 nd place: Keziah Thankachan Y “Color and Light” 3 rd place: Lena Fukuoka-Schreiber W “Rise of the Crystallines”

FIFTH GRADE 1 st place: Krisha Patel Y “Bioplastic” 2 nd place: Anthony Del Tufo R “Battery-Operated Phone Charger” 3 rd place: Ilana Melichkin R “Natural Pesticides”

SIXTH GRADE 1 st place (TEAM): Natalie Morris and Ava Algieri Y “Jellyfish” 2 nd place: Vipul Kothakonda Y “Rising Sea Levels” 3 rd place: Samantha Costantino W “Access to Clean Water

Read more about the Science Fair here: Nutley Academic Booster Club holds Annual Science Fair 

Key to school abbreviations: SG Spring Garden L Lincoln R Radcliffe W Washington Y Yantacaw H Homeschool