BLOOMFIELD, NJ - Now that you're older and more mature and your friends are no longer competing for your time after school, Judaism seems intriguing -- even interesting. You wonder, perhaps there is more worth knowing. The Adult B'nai Mitzvah program is an Introduction to Judaism for the college graduate. It presumes that you would like to learn more, but not in just a cursory way. This is notSunday School revisited. It's reclaiming your heritage.

Class begins Thursday, November 3 at 8 pm

The Adult B'nai Mitzvah program is divided into two parts. The first componenet -- focusing on what it means to live a Jewish life -- involves a year of study with Rabbi Kushner and Cantor Greenberg. Then, during the second year, the class will devote its energies in the fall semester to mastering a single Torah portion -- Parashat Ki Tissa, which contains the story of the Golden Calf and Moses beckoning to see God's face -- the text from which the students will be teaching on the occasion of their group B'nai Mitzvah ceremony.

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The event will be on February 24, 2018.

Eligibility for the program requires that the student be Jewish, past the age of 13, and sufficiently skilled in Hebrew reading. Please speak to Cantor Greenberg should you have questions regarding your Hebrew ability. Rick Abrams will be offering Beginning Hebrew this fall as well.

Thursday Evenings: 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Fee: $180 (per year)

To register call 973.338.1500.