To the Editor: 

I share my concerns with the pony rides as well as the gold fish being given away as prizes at the Father's DAy Street Fair.

I love the street fair and bringing families together to have a great time in a great town (my hometown) however I was very disappointed when I saw they are still handing out live gold fish as prizes. A few years back I was just a  young teenager, I went to the fair and upon leaving saw two goldfish in those plastic baggies in the garbage.  It broke my heart I'm sure there were many many more that went unwanted, Those fish lived for 6 years in my filter tank at home!  Just a fish yes but still a living creature.

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Also the pony rides, all well and fun but not in this heat.  It was brutal Sunday, that poor pony had to lug around child after child in that heat.  It really upset me and a few others at the event. 

I hope that in the future Nutley and all other towns will rethink the fair, possibly incorporate more electronic rides to replace the pony...possible a train....? Just an idea.

Thank you for your time!

Peace and regards,