BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- The results of a 60 day enhanced radar study conducted earlier this year are in. The study, conducted August 16-October 16, 2017, tracked speeding violations and motor vehicle accidents in 47 locations considered “chronic complaint locations” that historically have been the sites of traffic accidents, speeding violations, and residential reports of speeding.


Comparing the rate of motor vehicle accidents for the 60 day period of August 16-October 16 2017, and the same dates in 2016, the Bloomfield Traffic Unit and the Bloomfield Patrol Bureau Units of the Bloomfield Police Department found that motor vehicle accidents are down 11%, from 242 to 216 across these 47 locations. Each of these locations were monitored frequently by either the Bloomfield Police Patrol Bureau and/or the Bloomfield Police Traffic Unit. Certain locations were monitored in daytime, while others were monitored at night. The study identified certain streets on which traffic violations and motor vehicle accidents rose during the 2017 study, compared with those same days in 2016: Ampere Pkwy, Belleville Ave, Bloomfield Ave. Broad St., Glenwood Ave., Watchung Ave. and West Passaic Ave.


“As a growing town with many large county and state roads running through our neighborhoods, Bloomfield encounters a certain number of traffic problems that smaller townships do not. The recently completed enhanced radar study indicates that our hands on policing is working to deter dangerous driving on some of our busiest roads and intersections,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “It is our hope that with increased enforcement, data collection, and smart development and road planning, we will be able to continue the trend of reducing motor vehicle accidents and instances of unsafe driving.”

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“I would like to commend the Patrol Bureau and Traffic Units for working together and sharing their findings on this important initiative. The more we know about driving patterns in Bloomfield, the better equipped we will be to divert resources to the intersections and streets that need them most, and at the appropriates times of day or week,” said Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio. “The 11% decrease in motor vehicle accidents from 2016 to 2017 is at least partially due to enhanced Police activity in the 47 locations we prioritized for this study, and we will continue to prioritize enforcement of these locations throughout the year.”


During this study, the Bloomfield Police Department made a combined 736 motor vehicle stops using radar enforcement in these 47 locations, with 490 by the Patrol Bureau and 246 by the Traffic Unit. The Patrol Bureau uses state of the art Stalker 2 Radar units, while the Traffic Bureau uses only Pro-Laser Lidar units. The funding of this study was provided entirely by the Bloomfield Police Department.