CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND - Montclair native Buzz Aldrin has been posting updates to his website letting fans know that he is recovering, after having been transferred to a New Zealand hospital.

On December 1, he was transferred via evacuation flight on the American National Science Foundation flight from the South Pole to the hospital, after altitude sickness may have caused the evacuation, reports indicate. Aldrin, 86, was taken by helicopter from a scientific research station at the South Pole to McMurdo Station on Antarctica's coast, according to a release. Aldrin landed in Christchurch, New Zealand, at about 4:25 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 2.

Aldrin had been visiting the South Pole along with a tourist group through a luxury travel company, White Desert. A statement from White Desert indicated that his "condition deteriorated," prompting the evacuation as a precaution.

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In a statement on his website, it was indicated that Aldrin had "fluid on his lungs," but was "responding well to antibiotics." His manager, who is with him, has described him in stable condition and in good spirits.

Aldrin, who had been part of the Apollo 11 team and the second man to ever walk on the moon, has been posting lighthearted updates daily.  One update referenced catching up on tabloid reading and the other referenced receiving affirmations.

“Thanks to everyone from around the world for their well wishes and support. I’m being very well looked after in Christchurch. I’m looking forward to getting home soon to spend Christmas with my family and to continue my quest for Cycling Pathways and a permanent settlement on Mars. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

For the past few days, Aldrin has been posting comical updated to his social media pages from his hospital bed, playfully trying to out walk nurses, while another update indicated that, at the age of 86, he is now the oldest recorded person to have ever visited the South Pole.