My name is Debbie Russo and I have been fortunate enough to serve for the past nine years as a Nutley Board of Education Trustee; most recently as the Vice President.  I have been an active member of the Nutley community for nearly 30 years.  Most importantly, I am the mother of three children, two of which have graduated from the Nutley Schools and one who is presently attending Nutley High School.  My experiences include a long history of activity in various PTOs and civic organizations.  These experiences, as well as nine years as a Board of Education Trustee, have provided me with a unique perspective as a parent and a community leader with first-hand knowledge of how BOE decisions directly affect our district’s academic achievement, and most importantly, our children.  

My volunteer service includes various PTO roles in several schools within our district.  I was a member of the Lincoln School PTO where I served as Treasurer and Vice President.  I was the Corresponding Secretary and President at John Walker Middle School and then the Recording Secretary at Nutley High School, as well as Recording Secretary for PT Council.  Additionally, I was an original member of the Save Our Schools Committee, and a team member for Relay for Life.  Professionally, I am employed as an office manager and was previously in the banking industry.  I attended Rider College, the American Institute of Banking, and numerous School Board training seminars.

For the past nine years I have been an active and dedicated board trustee, having served on various BOE committees.  I was a member on the past two strategic plans that have helped produce our district’s recent academic success.  As a single mom, I know very well how every dollar spent must be directly related to the district’s mission of student achievement.   I, alongside the entire Board of Education, have spent countless hours to ensure that every decision made involves community input, research, and sound rationale.  It is because of the success that our district has had over the past several years that I ask for your support in my re-election efforts.  I also ask that you review the candidacy of Sal Balsamo and Ryan Kline in their re-election efforts.  I have worked alongside these two individuals and feel confident that if we have the opportunity to continue to work together, the success our district has had will continue and our township will greatly benefit.