CEDAR GROVE, NJ - The Cedar Grove Town Council discussed creating a permanent memorial to Lt. Bill Fearon the Monday staff council meeting. Fearon passed away December 28 2016. 

A long-time resident of Cedar Grove, Fearon was born in Kearny and served more than 20 years in the New Jersey State Police.  He was diagnosed with a gliomablastoma brain tumor in May 2015 which is believed to be connected to his service at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks.

Fearon was also a dedicated volunteer in his community, earning the Cedar Grove Recreation Advisory Board Award in November of 2015 in recognition of the time he gave coaching and supporting the athletic and recreation programs in town.

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"A year ago we lost Cedar Grove resident Lt. Bill Fearon on Dec. 28.  Not only was he a friend a mine, I'm sure he was a friend of many who are here, but he was also a neighbor of mine.  He was one of the first neighbors and residents of Cedar Grove that I met," said Councilman Robbie Vargo  "He was extremely involved in our town.  He was an inspiration to all that knew him.  Not only before his diagnosis, but during his diagnosis.  I can tell you that I still have in my car the bracelet that says "No Fear."   

Vargo asked the council to consider some type of memorial that would properly recognize Fearon and his dedication to the Cedar Grove community.  Adding that if the council agreed, he would consult Janice Fearon and the rest of the Fearon family for their input.  

"I'm at a loss for words.  Bill impacted many of us, myself included.  He was a dear friend and I miss him dearly," said Mayor Peter Tanella.  "I think this is a great idea and I support it 110 percent."