NUTLEY, NJ - As rumors continue to spread throughout the community about the Nutley Public Schools district, local government, the Nutley Public Library, and the Township of Nutley in general, we decided to do a little investigation to find out if any of these stories have legs. 

TAPinto Nutley reached out to the Nutley Public Schools district,township leaders, and did a little homework of our own, to separate the rumor from the fact, because, after all, facts matter. 

Rumor: Senior Citizens cannot get to the Nutley Farmers Market now that it is located in the former Ciccolini parking lot.

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FACTS: Senior Citizens access the Nutley Farmers Market just as easily now as they did in the past. The rumor makes several assumptions that are easily disproven.

One of the social media rumors suggested that moving the market from the parking lot near the senior citizen buidings would limit market access. There are two big holes in that argument: 1. Senior citizens live everywhere in Nutley, not just the those two buildings. 2. Each of the buildings has parking with dozens of parking spaces for residents' cars, giving them indendent access to the market.

The Nutley Department of Parks and Recreation operates a shuttle service on Sunday mornings giving seniors no longer drive access to the market.

Rumor: There are plans for a 14-story tower on the "Roche" property, it will change the character of Nutley forever.

FACTS: The redevelopment site has not been owned by Roche since they abandonded Nutley years ago, the project is called On3. The "planned 14 story tower" already exists on the site. The iconic International Style structure is identical to one in Basl Switzerland. The Nutley tower was built in 1963.

There is currently renovation work being done to the East side of the buiding. Since it was the first built, that side consisted of a solid wall. The other sides of the building were glass. Prism is removing the stonework with plans to add a curtain of glass on that side, allowing for unobstructed views of New York City.

Rumor: Nutley Schools used to be rated "A" and now they are rated "B"

FACTS: The school rating rumor are true. TAPinto Nutley reporters have been to countless board of education meetings and dozens of presentations about the school construction referendum where the Nutley Public School's bond rating was reported.

This past week we contacted the district to confirm the facts, according to Business Administrator Karen Yeamans, "The latest rating is Aa3.  It was upgraded from an A1 in March 2017." 

Rumor: The Nutley Chamber of Commerce has to do a better job at screening businesses in town.

When a Nutley business made headlines following the arrest of the owner, the chatter on social media including comments about the Chamber of Commerce having to do a better job at screening businesses before they open in town.

FACTS: The Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit membership organization that serves their business members. The chamber hosts networkng luncheons times a year, as well as Santa's Arrival at the oval in November. The Nutley Chamber of Commerce has no authority over who may or may not open a business in the township.

Rumor: Nutley Public Schools are falling by every measure. 

FACTs: PARCC scores are up. SAT scores are up. And in the recent statewide ranking of NJ Public Schools by New Jersey Monthly Magazine, Nutley Schools jumped 20 places since the last report in 2016. 

Related article. Among NJ Best Public High Schools Nutley High School Jumps 20 Points

Rumor: Nutley Public Schools are filled with hundred of students from other towns, they are bussed in all the time, "I seen it with my own eyes."

FACTS: According to Nutley Public School District Communication Director Karen Greco, "Residency checks are done annually at the district level - we focus  on two grades per year. All new students' residency is verified before enrollment." The Nutley School District issued their latest report regarding students who do not live in district earlier this summer, the students who did not reside in-district were removed from the schools. There were less than a dozen students in violation.   

The school busses from other districts at Nutley High School were most likely related to visiting sports teams. Nutley High School's culinary program also hosted a "Chopped Championship" in the past with students from other districts.  

Rumor: The Pledge of Allegiance is not said everyday in Nutley Public Schools.

FACT, or Alternative Fact: Ths is actually a true statement. The key word here is "everyday." The pledge is said every day in which school is in session. It is not said in Nutley Public Schools on weekends, holidays, summer vacation or during school breaks, so, it is true that the Pledge of Allegiance is not said every day. 

Rumor: The Red Cross Building is empty

FACT: The "Red Cross Building" has been a part of Nutley Family Service Bureau for several years, ever since the Red Cross consolidated operations and closed several suburban locations including Chestnut St. in Nutley and Park St. in Montclair. The "Red Cross Building," now referred to as "the Annex", houses NFSB's food pantry operation in the basement as well as the Nutley Family Service Bureau Thrift Shop on the main floor. There are also rooms and offices used by NFSB clinicians in this building.


FACTS vs Rumor is a somewhat regular feature of TAPinto Nutley. 


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