BLOOMFIELD, NJ - In what has become yet another firehouse tradition, the Bloomfield Fire Department has stepped up to the plate this October raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Starting on October 1st, Local 19, the union representing Bloomfield firefighters, began selling special T-shirts to its members with bright pink lettering and fire department insignias replacing the standard white.  All members were allowed to wear the shirts throughout the month to show their support for those who are battling or have beaten breast cancer.  The goal for the department was to raise money through shirt sales and distribute it to local residents. 

By the time the month was over, more than $1400 was raised. Bloomfield resident Judy Tringali, a cancer survivor, was invited in for a firehouse meal with her children Steve and Jade.  Judy was presented with a check representing half of the proceeds. In order to make the visit complete, Judy and her family were given a firehouse tour in addition to the meal. There's no word on whether or not they slid down the fire pole. Another resident survivor will be coming for a firehouse visit in December. She will receive the other half of the funds raised.

Firefighter Jeff DeJessie spearheaded the fundraiser for a second straight year.  He worked with a local print shop to have all shirts printed up, coordinated sales and extended the invitation to the residents. "We are always looking for ways to give back to the community and help others in need. It's always a pleasure having these ladies in and getting to know them over dinner at the firehouse."