NUTLEY, NJ - Five Tips to Help You Stay Safe on Memorial Day

  1. Pool Safety: Keep an Eye on Swimmers: Try appointing someone as lifeguard, rather than assuming one of your partygoers is keeping an eye on swimmers. Make sure younger children are within arm’s reach in the pool, and never drink alcohol while swimming or supervising swimmer.
  2. Stay Safe Under the Sun: There’s no better feeling than soaking in the new summer sun on Memorial Day — but don’t forget sunscreen.
  3. Fire and Grill Safety for Your Meal: But before you break out the grill, make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned. Dirty grills cause many injuries, particularly propane grills. Keep items that you don’t want to be grilled away from the flame, and don’t wear loose clothing while you grill.
  4. Drink Responsibly on Memorial Day: Alcohol might be a part of your Memorial Day celebration. If so, decide in advance how much alcohol you are going to be drinking, and stick to your plan. If you are driving to your Memorial Day party, do not drink and drive. Have a designated driver or find alternate transportation home
  5. Allow yourself extra time for travel. Friday afternoon is typically the busiest time for road traffic, so be sure to plan accordingly. It’s more important to arrive at your destination safely than on-time.

Have a safe Holiday weekend from the Nutley Police Department.