PATERSON, N.J. – Chauncey I. Brown III, the current Municipal GOP Vice-Chairman, has announced his candidacy for Mayor of Paterson in the May 2018 Municipal election.

Brown is a lifelong Paterson resident who attended School #26, JFK Kennedy High School, and began working on Senator/Mayor Graves campaign starting in the late 70’s. He would go on to aide for Mayor “Pat” Kramer, and his bid for Governor of NJ.

Brown has been appointed to and held many positions in Paterson including Commissioner of Board of the Board of Education, Commissioner of Recreation, President of the Board of Ed, President of the Board of Recreation and served on the Fire Department as an FIREFIGHTER/EMT, where he would become the 4th African American promoted to Fire Captain in Paterson’s history. Brown was appointed by and worked with the honorable Mayor Graves, Barnes, Pascrell, Kramer, and was appointed to a 3-year term as Deputy Emergency Management Officer by Mayor Joey Torres.

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Near the end of his final term as a Commissioner on the Paterson Board of Education, Brown made a mistake that will forever changed his life. His arrogance allowed Brown to succumb to the temptation of taking a bribe and unbeknownst to him, he was part of an FBI operation called “Operation Broken Records”, and his single mistake would land him in federal prison. During his incarceration, Brown lost his arrogance and he gained humility. Brown understands that anyone can make a mistake in life and be transformed by it. Brown understands that good people make bad decisions and should not pay for it the rest of their life.

Brown’s story is remarkable in that he hopes to relate to the residents of Paterson through his past struggles with addiction, homelessness, and reentry to the public after spending time in prison. Brown stated: “Every resident in Paterson faces the harsh effects of drugs every day. Whether through the rampant crime plaguing our city, the gun violence in trafficking areas, or family members suffering from addiction, everyone is affected. The people of Paterson need a candidate that speaks and understands their plight from a position of not just looking at the issues, but living through them!”

In 2015 after all he faced, Chauncey returned to his love of serving the people and was elected to represent the city of Paterson’s’ largest voting district as Passaic County GOP Committeeman, Brown is now looking to serve the city he loves in its executive position.

Brown is a staunch supporter of the Paterson Police and Fire departments. He strives to restore the pride in Patersonians for their city. Brown does recognize that simply getting drugs and drug traffickers off the street is not enough to change the environment in Paterson and the police need our help. He stated: “Job creation will be a top priority. Along with jobs, training and educational programs will be implemented to assist Patersonians better their situation. You have to start with a change of the heart, mind, body and soul to transform this city. As you treat the entire person, you treat the entire city!”

Brown is calling for the biggest investment in youth recreation that the city has ever seen. “I find it hard to believe that politicians in this city have appropriated money for parades, and given themselves raises, while Kennedy and East Side High Schools are on the cusp of combining their sports programs. This would cut the number of potential students who can participate in a sports team in half! There is already a lack of recreational opportunities for our children. There is no reason to exacerbate this problem!” stated Brown.

Brown also said that creating a homeless and addiction rehabilitation center is a top priority for him. He stated: “I want to be a mayor for all residents, not just the ones that donate to candidates, participate in the elections, or do the most business in and with the city. When you look at the decisions to fund parades or naming streets over children’s recreation, the answer is simple. Current elected officials know that children are not current voters. They are not going to donate money to campaigns. Therefore, they take a back seat to special interest groups when politicians make policy decisions!” said Brown.

Brown stated: “I come from a time when the late Mayor/Senator Frank X. Graves Jr., and the great Mayor Lawrence “Pat” Kramer had 40-50 year plans for the city of Paterson. When you look at things from that perspective, you care if the budget balances longer than the few years you are in office. You care if our kids grow up and get an education. You care if the next generation will be able to provide their children with education and opportunities they did not receive. In this current political atmosphere, everyone is trying to maximize what they can accomplish in their few years in office for the now in hopes of furthering their political careers. No one is thinking or worrying about the future our children and their children will face.”

Brown plans to take to the streets of Paterson starting in early Spring of 2017. He looks to meet, talk, and discuss the issues facings residents in each of the six wards of Paterson. Brown stated: “This campaign is about returning government back to the people! 2018 will be about giving voices to the people and their issues which are seldom heard.”