To the Editor:

 As a Nutley homeowner, I am concerned. After watching this video,

Zoning Board 434-438 Centre St - Mary Rubino-Ryder - "Waiting list for apartments"  (video link)

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I and many homeowners have this question: Is it right, is it ethical, is it a conflict of interest for Zoning Board members (or any township board members) to serve on boards when they have the potential of personal gain from decisions they make as board members? Especially when we, the majority of Nutley homeowners, do not want more apartments developed in our town.

During public comment at the March 20th Zoning Board meeting, the person in this video let it be known that he is in favor of more apartments being built in Nutley.

Bill Algieri speaking at the Zoning Board Meeting   (video link)

Did his public comment have an impact on the 23 new apartments at 434-438 Centre St that were approved? I and others attending the meeting thought he was a Nutley citizen speaking his mind. It never occurred to us that he has an important say in our town's master plan. It would have been appreciated if he had informed us that he was a Nutley Planning Board member speaking in favor of new apartments!

I am one of many Nutley homeowners, who want Township board members and leaders who will stop approving new multi-family residential developments aka apartments.  The single family home character of our town is changing and now includes overcrowded schools and immensely high property taxes. 

It’s time for Nutley homeowners to demand that our Township leaders and appointed board members STOP making decisions that negatively impact us. 

Michael Odria