It’s unfortunate that we are forced to run a campaign in the midst of a global crisis. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. To those who lost loved ones, I am deeply sorry for your loss.Thank you to our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other medical professionals, grocers, restaurateurs, postal workers, and first responders for putting your lives on the line to keep us safe and healthy.

While it may not seem like it, and the election may be the farthest thing from your mind right now, this election presents an incredible opportunity for our community. This election allows you to directly pick which leaders will lead you through this crisis so that we come out stronger and more tightly knit. I feel that I am the best candidate to do that. You have five votes for commissioner. I, John V. Kelly, would be honored to have one of them. 

I am an army veteran, attorney, member of various local civic and charitable boards, organizations, and a former computer scientist, who brings a fresh perspective with an innovative plan to unite Nutley and take us further than we ever thought possible.

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As we battle this pandemic, we need a leader who can deliver tax relief to Nutley citizens, protect and provide small and local business growth, protect our environment, and empower all citizens. My plan does all of the above and more!

I support cutting taxes and enacting green initiatives. These are not political initiatives but common sense initiatives to save us money while protecting our environment. For example, by utilizing renewable alternative energy sources, such as geothermal and solar, we can drastically lower our energy costs. These green initiatives would produce direct savings for the taxpayer. It’s a Win, Win! I will also advocate for tax reductions and ensuring that our town maintains its feel, by ensuring we get the right tax ratables and ensuring that new construction does not create further stress on our schools.

Our local and small businesses will be devastated by this crisis. I plan on working with the Chamber of Commerce to create a local currency akin to a discount or rebate program. This kind of trail blazing idea has done wonders for the few communities that have implemented it. Furthermore, an obvious problem facing Nutley businesses is the lack of a central business district. I have a plan to fix that by bringing in driverless buses through grants (i.e. no cost to the taxpayer) to shuttle people up and down Franklin Avenue. This would enable people to park once and quickly shop, dine, and utilize our local businesses. It creates a smaller feel to Franklin Avenue enabling patrons to patronize everywhere without driving everywhere. I would also support replacing our outdated parking meters with meters that would allow us to pay for parking on our smart phone. This way patronizing our local businesses is not interfered with by re-filling the meter. 

Empowering all of our citizens is important, especially women. I have five sisters and believe very strongly in female empowerment. This is why I plan on hosting and encouraging a range of activities, forums and networking events on a host of issues aimed at connecting and encouraging women. 

I encourage everyone to learn more about me and these ideas, as well as, others at And, please vote for me by mail before May 12, Line 6A, You have five votes for commissioner. I, John V. Kelly, would be honored to have one of them.