Dear Nutley, Parents, Staff and Community,

On Tuesday, June 5th, Nutley High School will host "Crash Course In Reality" on Franklin Avenue in front of the Oval. This program is provided to NHS juniors and seniors every two years.

Please be advised that this program will take place on Franklin Avenue and Franklin Avenue will be closed between Church Street and Chestnut Street from 7am until noon. We appreciate your patience during this time period.

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The program will center around a staged car crash, simulating what can happen if a person drives under the influence. It is intended to provide valuable insight into the devastating results of driving while intoxicated.

During the program, NHS students will appear bandaged and injured. Again, please note that this is a staged event. NHS Emergency Rescue Squad students will also assist during the event. It is the hope that once students view this simulation (with many of their classmates involved), they will reconsider dangerous behavior while driving.

This program would not be possible without the expertise and support of the Nutley Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works Department, Nutley Emergency Rescue Squad, Nutley CORE Ambassadors, the Nutley Board of Education and the Municipal Alliance Committee. This event is one of many programs we host that demonstrates the true collaborative spirit of our unique Nutley community.

Thank you.