As I write this my sincere hope is that you and yours are well. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you.

In less than two weeks, we will know the results of the 2020 Nutley Township Municipal Election. For those who have not yet cast your vote, please consider me for one of your five choices. Regardless of who you choose to vote for, or what the outcome, I believe it is important to share this personal message.

Each of our elected commissioners will need to demonstrate leadership. I have outlined my thoughts on leadership and how an effective leader will foster a safe, secure and successful community.

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Safety: The safety and security of our community and the individuals who reside within it should be every leader's primary objective.

Safety is not limited to physical safety, but includes creating a community where our residents feel safe to share feelings, viewpoints and are respected and welcomed within our community.

Fiscal Responsibility: Maintaining a sound fiscal budget is a critical component of leadership.

Analyzing the needs of the community, budgeting for those needs, executing the financial plan and evaluating the plan’s effectiveness determines financial responsibility. Eliminating duplication of services and maximizing available workforce members increases the utilization of available resources.

Communication with Our Residents: Listening to our residents is the key to effective leadership. Leadership is not positional, it’s about addressing our residents’ concerns and
making a positive difference in our community and the lives of our residents.

Commitment to Our Community: True leaders demonstrate a commitment to their community.

Decisions are made with the residents' best interests in mind. In the process, it is inevitable that some of our residents may disagree with the decisions we make. Leaders must remain focused on the best possible outcome for our community.

Credibility is key! Leaders have a strong moral compass and are not influenced by outside sources. Being an effective leader can be challenging. We must be steadfast and resilient. 

In summary, leadership requires authenticity, accountability, transparency, integrity and a commitment to selfless service. “Leadership is a gift. It’s given by those who follow.” It would be my honor and privilege to be one of Nutley’s leaders.

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Maria Hamlin
Hamlin 2020 Vision:
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