NUTLEY, NJ - Mixed use definition and lower entry level salary ordinances were introduced during the Tuesday, Sept. 4 Board of Commissioners public meeting.

Ordinance No. 3397, to define mixed use, was introduced by Mayor and Public Works Commissioner Joseph P. Scarpelli to define mixed use. If passed the ordinance will limit mixed use property to 28 units per an acre; 30 percent of first floor will be non-residential use for commercial, retail and common areas; the accommodations 70 percent two-bedroom and 30 percent one-bedroom. 

Previously there was no definition for mixed use buildings for Nutley. The Board of Commissioners raised questions during the conference meeting, which is open to the public. Township Attorney Alan Genitempo clarified the ordinance for the definition of mixed use is not because something is happening, but that it’s been a process the planning board has been working on for a very long time.

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The board raised concerns over the two-bedroom apartments and the size of 28 units per an acre. Public Affairs Commissioner Steven L. Rogers asked, “Are we going to see kids come in? We have to be prepared for an influx of kids if we have two-bedrooms.”

Mayor Scarpelli said, “The Rutgers study said one-bedrooms in a higher rise building that attracts people with higher incomes will produce [fewer] kids.” Rogers added, “I want to see how many kids came in to Cambridge Heights compared to what the study said would happen.”

Rogers said, “The goal is to protect the schools from being overwhelmed.” Scarpelli added, “It’s also to control how many units are on a particular property [which is] independent of how much parking you can fit on that lot. I don’t think anybody 10 to 15 years ago thought that we could take a building raise it up in the air and park underneath.”

Ordinance No 3393 was introduced by Commissioner Rogers to amend Ordinance No. 3385 which was passed on the second reading on June 19, 2018. If the ordinance is passed, the base salary will be lowered for administrative clerk/registrar, registered environmental health specialist, clerk 1 and executive assistant in the Public Affairs Department as well as clerk 1 in the Military Affairs Bureau.

Also included in the new ordinance is a repeal to include Section 4, which was in Ordinance No.  2830, to eliminate longevity for any employee hired after March 22, 2004. Commissioner Tucci said, “Went back to the ordinance adopted in February 2004 eliminating longevity after March 22. Any new hirers after this date will no longer get longevity. Also payout for sick days has been struck.”

Rogers believes the base salaries were too high. “When people get a job they should come in thinking that they are going to earn their pay. Sometimes it’s an incentive when you keep your salaries low when their coming in and they have to gradually gain momentum to get increased pay,” he said.

Ordinance No. 3396 introduced by Petracco will remove handicap parking to 41 Dodd St. on the east side.

Public hearings for the above ordinances will be held on Oct. 2.

A public hearing was held for Ordinance No. 3388 to handicap parking to Vine Street on the north side, beginning at a point 200 feet east of Bloomfield Avenue, east for a distance of 20 feet. The ordinance, which was introduced during the July 17 Board of Commissioners meeting, was passed. is a member of the New Jersey Press Association, and is the only locally owned news organization serving the Township of Nutley. Sign up for our FREE daily eNews. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @TAPintoNutley  and Instagram @TAPintoNutley

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