MONTCLAIR, NJ – The Montclair Film Festival hosted an intimate conversation with local filmmaker Erin Lee Carr about her new book All That You Leave Behind on Saturday afternoon at Cinema505 on Bloomfield Avenue.

The new book, released in April, is a poignant coming-of-age story that offers a raw and honest glimpse into the multilayered relationship between a daughter and a father.

Celebrated journalist, best-selling author, and Montclair resident David Carr was in the prime of his career when he suffered a fatal collapse in the newsroom of The New York Times in 2015.  Shattered by his death, Erin began combing through the entirety of their shared correspondence in search of comfort and support.

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“I’m not a writer by trade, I make documentary films, but I knew I wanted to honor something my dad did with his life which was writing,” Carr explained.  “People loved my dad, he died very unexpectedly, people miss him, so there was this kind of hunger for thinking about him and that led to my first writing piece called Still Processing.  A Random House editor who saw the piece called me and thought it would make for a good book.”

This unique combination of Erin’s earnest prose and her father’s meaningful words offers a compelling read that shows us what it means to be vulnerable and lost, supported and found.

This conversation was moderated by Jodi Rudoren, The New York Times Associate Managing Editor for Audience.

“Erin is an amazing young author from right here, from Montclair, and that’s so exciting,” said Rudoren.

Rudoren asked Carr about her Montclair roots, and how that helped shape here career as a filmmaker and as a new author.

“Montclair is this incredibly welcoming, fun, amazing creative space where you can feel that you can actually breathe and think and have good ideas,” said Carr.  “In school, I was taught by smart, cool women in New Jersey.”

“Film is a way of relating to those around you,” Carr continued.  “Film is a great way to really explore and think about things.”

Each person in attendance at the sold-out engagement also received a copy of Carr’s book, and a signing followed the conversation.

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“All That You Leave Behind is an amazing memoir that I was very fortunate to read prior to the festival,” said Tom Hall, Executive Director of Montclair Film Festival.  “We are really grateful to her as we celebrate Erin Lee Carr Day at the Montclair Film Festival, with her film playing later today at MKA.”

Montclair Film’s goals were developed through the strategic planning process, and seek to address priorities, issues, and aspirations identified.  These goals set a strategic direction for the organization.

The eighth annual festival wrapped up on Sunday after 10 days of 150 films from 100 filmmakers screened in four different township venues.