MONTCLAIR, NJ - Around 1 p.m. yesterday, Montclair State students gathered at the Amphitheater to protest the President Elect Donald Trump. Most of the students had signs for themselves as well as anyone who came along. Some signs contained phases such as "Black Lives Matter," "Make Racists Afraid Again," and "Love is Love." The students welcomed and encouraged people to join their protest as they walked to both ends of the campus. 

The peaceful protest was organized by a few members of the student body, claiming that they want their voices heard. Students spread the word of the protest by word of mouth and by social media, calling it the #NotMyPresident March and Rally Against Trump. One of the protesters stated, "Many universities around the country are protesting Trump. We are here to stand for what is right, and this is the perfect time to do it."

As they walked through the campus, many people joined the protest stating that, "We are heard better together." Others silently followed, listening to what everyone had to say. The group of protesters chanted things like, "Dump Trump," "Education Not Deportation," and "My Body, My Choice." At one point, the group stood in a circle and express their feelings about the current president elect. Students expressed their feelings of anger and sadness. Nonetheless, stated how they "must be strong" and "not encourage the hate, but stand up to it."