MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY -- The Township of Montclair will hold a ceremony of remembrance on Sunday, September 11, to observe the fifteenth anniversary of the World Trade Center attack. The service, which will be held at the Watchung Plaza 9-11 Memorial, will begin at 8:30 a.m.


Advance of Colors: Montclair Police Honor Guard

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Greetings and Pledge of Allegiance: Councilor-At-Large Robert Russo -- Mr. Russo was mayor September 2001, when the attacks happened
National Anthem: MacKenzie Johnson
Opening Prayer: Pastor Elbert Maxwell, Fire Chaplin
Comments: Robert Russo and Diana Stewart
Ringing of the Bell: Montclair Fire Department
Poetry Reading: Jessica de Koninck
Amazing Grace: MacKenzie Johnson
Closing Prayer: Pastor Elbert Maxwell, Fire Chaplin
Music: Montclair Community Band


In remembrance of Montclair’s 9/11 victims:

Michael L. Collins
Caleb Arron Dack
Emeric J. Harvey
Scott M. Johnson
Howard L. Kestenbaum
Robert M. Murach
David Lee Pruim
Ron Ruben
Michael Stewart

For more information about the ceremony, please contact Pat Brechka 973-509-4915.