NUTLEY, NJ - Nutley Academic Booster Club held their annual Science Fair Saturday, March 18. About 120 students in kindergarten through sixth grade from Lincoln, Radcliffe, Spring Garden, Washington and Yantacaw elementary schools participated in the educational event. There will be an awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 18 at the Nutley Museum.

Activities held during the fair included Mad Science – Fire and Ice and Cotton Candy Making, The Lizard Guys, Dinosaurs Rock, Science Tellers - Slime station and Dry Ice show and the Essex County Environmental Center. The high school students were also on hand to demonstrate robotics and health careers.

According to Academic Booster Club President Tricia McKinney they sold $2,900 worth of raffle tickets to see the Broadway play “Hamilton.” “The winner Sheri Scribner of Nutley won two tickets courtesy of Playbill Magazine. She bought her ticket when she responded to the Nutley ABC's annual membership drive mailing,” said McKinney.

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“Kindergarten is great they get to articulate their speeches. It’s not just science and history, its public speaking skills they need,” said Nutley Board of Education member Lisa Danchak-Martin.

Many students focused on the Earth and environmental issues. Yantacaw School sixth graders Nitya Vyas, Isa Rios and Cassie Nesta demonstrated how carbon dioxide affects global warming. “It’s an ongoing problem,” said Nesta. “We wanted to know what was behind it, to understand it more,” said Vyas. “We can try to help reduce it,” added Rios.

Radcliffe school Fifth grader Ilana Melichkin received third place for “Natural Pesticides.”  She said she was told to use vegetable wash on all her produce to remove the pesticides. Melichkin did not like doing this. “Since I knew I had to make a science report I decided to choose what pesticides do to foods. Pesticides can hurt human health, environment and it’s in a lot of food we eat,” she said.

Students won prizes for their hard work in each grade.


First place were Yantacaw School teammates Ariana Kathawala and Kiena Joshi ​- “Gummy Bears.”  Second​ place winner was Arman Nasir of Radcliffe school - “Parachutes.

Third place winners were Radcliffe students Sofia Torres; and Sophia Harris; Jake Aman-Iannuzzelli ​of Spring Garden;  Abigail Sanafria of Washington, Yantacaw students Naisha Agrawal; Zachary Alameda; Grayson Alvarez; Srivats Balabhadrapatruni; Logan Goode; Aylin Hindistan; Shriya Karnik; Zahra Khorakiwala; Brandon Knott; Arjun Tiwari; Lily Windheim and Ella Molinaro; Sri Aaryan Kalidindi and Sri Aadyan Kalidindi; and Esha Songra and Keya Mehta and Home Schooled Caleb Wasserman.

First Grade

​First place was Shivaan Sawant - “Rube Goldberg Machine,” second place  Soham Shah -“Why do we use salt in ice cream?” and third place was Annabella Matos - “Parts of a Flower,”  all of Yantacaw school.

Second Grade

Fir​st ​place winner was Rohan Vyas of ​Yantacaw- “It’s Not Magic, It’s Magnetic,”  Second​ place went to Yantacaw school teammates Sophia McMullen and Marley Windheim - “Water pH” and  Ida Delpeche of ​Lincoln School received third place with “Dead Sea.” 

Third Grade

First place was a three way tie. Winners were Yantacaw students Niyathi Padman ​ -“Leaf Pigments” and Tvisha Reikhy ​- “Hydro Power” and Washington school teammates Daniel Ruthman and Cameron Anderson ​- “Aerodynamics.”  Second place was given to Yantacaw student Nikhil Tiwari ​- “Preserving Foods” and third place were Washington School teammates Kenisha Aouk and Karen Fukuoka-Schreiber ​- “Lemons vs. Potatoes.” 

Fourth Grade

Yantacaw student Andrea Acomata received first plac e with “Solar-powered Toys,” second ​place winner was Yantacaw student Keziah Thankachan ​- “Color and Light”  and third​ place was Washington student Lena Fukuoka-Schreiber  ​- “Rise of the Crystallines.” 

Fifth Grade

First place winner was Yantacaw student Krisha Patel ​- “Bioplastic,”   Anthony Del Tufo ​of Radcliffe earned second place with “Battery-Operated Phone Charger”  and third place winner was Radcliffe student Ilana Melichkin ​- “Natural Pesticides.” 

Sixth Grade

First place went to Yantacaw School teammates Natalie Morris and Ava Algieri ​- “Jellyfish,”  second​ place winner as Yantacaw School student Vipul Kothakonda ​- “Rising Sea Levels” and third place was Washington School student Samantha Costantino ​- “Access to Clean Water.”