My name is Ryan Kline and for the past six years I have been honored to serve on the Nutley Board of Education. I am the father of two children, ages 9 and 13, who are enrolled at Spring Garden School and John Walker Middle School respectively. In addition to my time on the Nutley BOE, I have volunteered as a coach to various Little League, softball, and girls’ recreation basketball teams. Professionally, I am the Director of Special Services for Belleville Public Schools. I have worked as a behavioral consultant, school psychologist, and Supervisor of Special Services with the Philadelphia, Newark, and Belleville Public School districts. I hold a master’s degree in Education from Temple University and have accumulated roughly 100 graduate credits pertaining to education. These experiences have given me an invaluable perspective; I have used this perspective to help make decisions on the board that are educationally sound and beneficial to our children and community.

Our school district has continued to strengthen both academically and financially due to a hard working and dedicated staff, strong leadership, and a focused strategic vision. While I am very proud that the district’s academic, athletic, and artistic programs are stronger now than when I began my tenure as a Board of Education Trustee, I am excited by the possibilities and opportunities that continue to unfold. The district has seen advancement in all areas of curricula with new math, language arts, science, physical education, and world language programs. Recent QSAC scores and district and NJDOE assessment data reveal that the Nutley Public Schools are showing marked improvement in all academic areas. Our Special Services department is benefiting from consistent administrative leadership which has resulted in robust programming to better serve our students with special needs. We have strengthened our academic and support staff through financially sound measures that are responsive to the needs of today and hold the foresight of tomorrow’s demands. I have now served on the second strategic planning committee of my tenure, working across needs and seeking public input so that all residents of Nutley can have a say in the development of our school district.

As a board member I have worked collaboratively with community leaders, parents, and my board colleagues to address our shared concerns about our children’s educational environment, safety, and, wellness. Despite our recent academic success, our district continues to face various hurdles that require attention. Expert studies and analysis have shown us that our student population will continue to increase over the next five years on the elementary level. This information, coupled with current educational space demands, predicts significant overcrowding in our elementary schools. Given my board of education experience as well as my personal and professional background, I believe I am well prepared to make the kinds of key decisions necessary to respond to such an important issue, as well as many others that impact our children’s education and our community.

It is my great honor to once again ask for your support of my candidacy for the Nutley Board of Education. I welcome the work ahead and the privilege of serving another term alongside Sal Balsamo and Debbie Russo, my hard-working board colleagues who are also up for re-election. If you have any questions or would like to discuss my candidacy further, please feel free to reach out to me via my Facebook page (Re-elect Ryan Kline for Nutley BOE) or my email address at