NUTLEY, NJ - The Nutley Board of Commissioners met for a public meeting on Tuesday evening Feb. 21. Present was the mayor and Commissioners Alphonse Petracco, Mauro G. Tucci, and Thomas Evans. Commissioner Steven Rogers was given an excused absence.

“I enjoyed physically being back to my first meeting again. I been active in the office and through the phone for meetings. Enjoyed able to be back in my seat again,” said Evans, who was present for the first time since his back surgery.

Mayor and Public Works Commissioner Joseph P. Scarpelli proposed a potential water service fee of $5 per resident be charged to each bill. He noted as the ordinance is now, if a water line breaks between the street and the house it can cost $1,500 to $2,000 for the resident.  The new ordinance eliminates the large charge - the $5 serving as an insurance policy. He also pointed out that this only affected about 15 residents.

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Tucci voiced his concerns about the fee and how this would affect the seniors. “Hold it and see what other municipalities are charging,” added Evans. The mayor agreed to hold it until the commissioners can look into it further.

The commissioners broke into an executive session for about an hour to meet with Police Chief Thomas J. Strumolo in reference to the two hour parking limit on Edison Avenue and Oakley Terrace.

When the commissioners returned Tucci asked permission to go first and give resolutions to the 2017 Nutley Irish Association St. Patrick’s Day Parade dignitaries. He asked them to come forward. He handed each their own copy. “Once again it is an honor and privilege to recognize the parade dignitaries for 2017,” said Tucci.

Tucci also presented them with resolutions from the 28th Legislative District consisting of Sen. Ronald Rice and Assembly members Ralph R. Caputo and Cleopatra Tucker.

Present were Grand Marshal Frank Dauksis, Member of the Year Colleen Nielsen, Parade Queen Morgan Sim and Firefighter of the Year Michael Budinick. Deputy Grand Marshal Shane McClafferty was unable to attend.

“Thank you very much for all your support. This parade would not go on without you,” said Nutley Irish Association President Thomas McEnery.

“I’m here to support the [St. Patrick’s Day] parade; two of the dignitaries are from Belleville. Of course Belleville supports the parade and the Nutley Irish,” said Belleville Deputy Mayor Vincent Cozzarelli.

The mayor then addressed the crowd about the parking issue on Edison Avenue and Oakley Terrace. He asked the police chief to sit in Rogers place for the meeting. “The two hour parking limit on the north end, Edison Avenue, by the former Roche property years back was a consensus of the area,” said Strumolo.  

Strumolo said that complaints come in to him that people are parking there longer than the two hour limit in which he has to enforce it then.

One by one residents approached the podium addressing their concerns. Some suggested parking permit stickers, others to have the police keep records of license plates. All agreed that the limit needs to stay due to the area and public transportation concerns.

“I received a ticket for the two hour parking limit; other neighbors are getting tickets as well. Residents should get parking permit stickers,” said Brian Gibbons of Edison Avenue.

“It’s a tough issue as simple as it seems it’s not that simple. I looked into the problem and contacted the Chief about why we are ticketing that street. Someone on the street is calling complaining that someone is parking longer than two hours,” said Petracco. “To change to a sticker we would need to go to a full vote of the board. Over 50 percent of the residents on the street would want to lift the two hour

“Leave it up to the consensus of the people of the street,” added Strumolo.

“When the police scan the [license] plates and they see the car belongs to a house on Edison Avenue not to ticket it,” said Paul Radziewicz of Edison Avenue.

Petracco suggested to run a pilot program to rid the two hour limit all together. “Petition the neighbors and come back here with a 51 percent vote. If it’s problematic we can come back here and go to a board vote,” he said.

“It be a mistake to rescind the parking all together,” said Radziewicz.

“We were petitioned by the residents of Edison and Oakley when Roche was active. Commissioner [Carmen] Orechio came up with the two hour parking,” said Tucci.

Tucci said he didn’t think the restriction was fair. “I don’t have a two hour parking limit, just at night and that’s a safety issue,” he said.

“I’m in favor of giving these folks relief as long as it is legal,” said Petracco.

“I can do a temporary suspension. Enforcement of the two hour parking is done periodically, or by a complaint, it’s not a priority,” said the Police Chief. “As of tomorrow the parking limit is suspended,” he added. “On record Oakley Terrace and Edison Avenue parking limit has been suspended,” said Petracco.


The board approved Tucci’s resolution for the application of a loan for the Green Acres Project/Field Turf for the soccer field at Father Glotzbach Park Project. Funding in the amount of $87,528 from the Department of Environmental Protection, Green Acres. “We are eligible for 75 percent of the grant funding versus the previous where we only had 25 percent for the grant and we would have to pick up the 75 percent,” said Tucci.

The board approved Evan’s resolution to refund a tax sale certificate in the amount of $467.90 to 131 Kenzel Ave.

The board approved Petracco’s resolution to grant medical leave to Patricia Dominick from Sept. 13, 2016 to June 26, 2017.

The board approved Scarpelli’s resolution to refund $5,000 to Stanziale Construction, PO Box 2597 in Bloomfield for the road opening permit for water and sewer fee at 12 Highland Ave.

The board also approved various raffle license applications.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 7.