NUTLEY, NJ - The Nutley Board of Commissioners unanimously voted for renewing The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill license during a special meeting on Monday, June 26. The board had a revote after hearing comments from bar owner Gladys Delgado. Initially the license was voted against renewing in the previous June 20 Board meeting.

Huddle Liquor License Questioned during Nutley Board of Commissioners Meeting

Delgado noted there are three BYOB establishments in the area of her bar – Chestnut Café, Bee N’ Crafty and Huong Viet. “Why is the Huddle being targeted; causing the nuisance and littering? How is this littering or loitering being directly associated with the Huddle when there are three establishments within walking distance that can bring their own liquor; they’re not controlled what they drink, I control,” she said.

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Delgado also questioned if there is a patrolman pre-selected for the area, why are people not being fined for urinating. She claims she has someone searched  the area for debris every night.  “I come back the next day and find debris. The bottles are not us. Not once have I had a bar fight in three years, not once have there been police presence in three years. I do not understand how we are getting all the bad blood,” she said.

“I do everything possible I can do to assistant with any nuisances. Originally I had a nuisance with speakers and I moved them to the back of the bar.  I added another stop to my garage pick up. As to falling on deaf ears I would like someone to elaborate,” she asked.

Township Attorney Alan Genitempo addressed her questions. “Although you are 100 percent right there are definitely three locations within a block… the difference is mostly the timing, at night those places don’t stay open to 1:30 to 2 in the morning. We been getting written complaints from the neighbors, not only the town but my office gets them too. It’s all about the timing, the night hours. That’s the difference. I think the neighborhood bar with no parking lot, everybody fans out across the residence and that’s what upsets the neighbors. It was after hours after the other restaurants closed,” he said.

“When residents make complaints, the Commissioners have to listen. Some of the complaints seem more recent. We took a pause to take a look at it [liquor license]. There were a lot more issues in the past than there have been in the last few months,” added Genitempo.

Public Safety Commissioner Alphonse Petracco said the phone rings constantly with complaints from Enclosure and Nutley Avenue and Grant Avenue. “We get these complaints and we have to respond,” he noted.

Genitempo suggested she sit down with the board and talk about it. Petracco additionally recommended that Delgado meet with the neighbors. “Invite your neighbors in and have a little talk to them and see what they are disgruntled about and find some common ground,” he said.

Petracco related to her. “I own a small business in town; I owned a bar in other towns. I find myself constantly outside walking the parking lot, walking the neighborhood; I know it’s not an easy situation… It’s very important to be part of your neighborhood,” he said.

Delgado said she put signs up in the bar informing patrons not to park on Enclosure. “I can’t prevent people from parking in public parking. If someone parks there I can’t have them move their car but I do try,” she said.

Rogers suggested providing the names  of the residents who have a problem to her. “This is the way you solve a problem with communication,” he said.

Public Comment

Passaic Avenue resident Efrain Alameda voiced his concerns with the Huddle’s license renewal. “This has been a cancer in our community for years now; the police probably have me on speed dial by now on complaints,” he said.

The license was renewed without any interruption. is the only locally owned news organization serving the Township of Nutley. is accredited by the New Jersey Press Association.

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