Mayor Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli and the Department of Public Works announce that ResidentialShredding Day will be held this Saturday, April 13th in Municipal Parking Lot 9 from 10am to 2pm (or until the truck is full).  The parking lot is located next to the former Ciccolini’s Building.  Attendees are asked to enter thru Parking Lot 7.

The items may contain paper clips and staples. The process can be viewed onsite via closed-circuit video. A limit may be placed on how much may be shredded per household.

Suggested items to shred include bank statements that are at least 1-year-old and do not contain tax-related information, pay stubs (only after you receive your W-2), credit card applications, or documents that contain your Social Security and other account numbers, password/PIN information, your birth date, private contact information and signature.

For more information, please contact Mayor Scarpelli’s office at 973-284-4959.