NUTLEY, NJ - On Saturday morning, Feb. 18, 300 Nutley residents took advantage of the warm weather and did some early spring cleaning hauling their old appliances to the first of five township held Electronic Recycling Day events at Municipal Lot 8 on William Street. Two trucks were parked in the lot, one on each end for residents to drop off. The first truck was strictly for televisions, while the second truck took just about everything else.

Midway through the event the trucks already seemed to be over flowing. Cars lined the street waiting to come into the lot, most with two or three items.

Mayor Joseph P. Scarpelli paid a visit to the recycling site. “It’s a good day, weather helps. People are recycling more tonnage,” he said. “This was most we had in a while. The past couple have averaged around 200 [people],” he added.

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Televisions included 30 year old picture tubes to the recent LED and plasma flat screens. Old computers, monitors and printers piled up. Boom boxes, CD players and giant wall speakers also made the list as well as gaming consoles.  “The oldest was the Betamax,” said Lisa Zitola-McGuire from the Department of Public Works.

If you missed out, the next one will be held in April. The county also offers two drop off dates a year as well as hazardous waste collection, both in May and October. Exacts dates to come.

Aside from electronics the township also offers a Shredding Day in April. Nutleyites do not have to wait to recycle shreddings once a year though, the township will collect them once a week with paper, glass, plastic and aluminum. Shreddings should be placed in a clear plastic bag.

A weekly recycling pick-up guide mailed yearly to residents explains what the township can collect. Items include all plastics numbered one through seven such as yogurt, beverage, shampoo and laundry detergent bottles. The pamphlet also has cream, milk, soy, juice and soup cartons among those items.

Cardboard and paper are collected the same day but must remain separate as another truck comes for them. These consist of corrugated cardboard, books including phone books, magazines, newspapers, pizza and tissue boxes, junk mail as well as envelopes and cereal boxes.

If you miss a recycling day the buckets must be removed from the curb and held for the following week. However the township has an app to help residents remember, called remyndr. It also notifies of any collection problems. A text alert is sent out the night before your scheduled day.

Rigid plastic is usually collected in April in Municipal Lot 8. This consists of crates, pallets, buckets, as well as high-density polyethylene tubs and polypropylene cups.

The township also provides a vegetative waste bin at the Municipal Garage, 1 Cortland St. Residents can put their lawn debris, vegetation and leaves in the buckets and place at the curb on Wednesdays from April until December. In April the township provides residents with compost free of charge. The rich fertilizer consists of the broken down leaves collected from the homes in the fall. 

The township also will take tires, two at a time if notified for removal, call 973-284-4984 to schedule a pickup. Keys and CFL bulbs can be left at Town Hall and vehicle batteries and motor oil may be dropped off at the municipal garage.

“We are always looking for new programs to do a day at the Farmers Market,” said the Mayor. Farmers Market will open on June 18 and run every Sunday through until Oct. 29, rain or shine. The market also holds a mini eco-fest to help make residents aware of green initiatives. Residents can learn about composting as well as eco-friendly products.  

Greenutley recycling day events at the market include denim in any condition; hangers – metal, plastic and wooden; ink cartridges and trophies. On Techno Trash Day residents can dispose of VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs as well as jewel cases. And on Textile Day items such as clean and dry clothes, paired shoes, bedding, linens, hats, handbags, belts and fabric scraps 36” x 36” or larger are accepted.

Greenutley was formed in 2008 with the support of the Department of Public Works and includes the mayor and board of commissioners, representatives from each of department, as well as residents. To learn more about Greenutley, the township's Go Green Committee, contact Meredith Blank at 973-284-4978 x2424 or visit