NUTLEY, NJ - Police Director Alphonse Petracco and Chief Thomas Strumolo advise township residents, that we experienced another diversion burglary.

Police were called to a Bloomfield Ave residents home at 3:00 today 2/2/17 and spoke with 85 y/o victim who told police she came to the door to speak with a man inquiring about her back yard fence. When she went outside with him an accomplice entered her home and stole a large sum of money. Actor is described as a white male 40-50 y/o/a wearing a dark jacket.

Director Petracco said a similar incident happened January 6th when two to four scammers entered a Union Ave Home claiming they were with the water department, and stole money from the master bedroom.

Chief Strumolo said we try to get information to the public in every forum, and are constantly reminding residents, scammers are everywhere and is absolutely necessary to be conscious of this. We must not let anyone into our homes, provide personal information, or entertain solicitors. There is no one scam or storyline and therefore be suspicious of anyone requesting something of you. Please ask them to wait and call Police 973-284-4940 or 911, there is no harm in police reviewing their credentials, in an effort to safeguard our residents.