Police Director Alphonse Petracco and Chief Thomas Strumolo are warning residents of several frauds circulating. Chief Strumolo advises the storyline and approach may change, however the goal is always the same, TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. Scam artists utilize:

Phone, E-mail, Social Media and sometimes door to door solicitation, in an attempt to offer you something, which usually requires you to send money back via wire, gift cards, money grams or transfer.

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Some fraud attempts include:

  • IRS demanding payment for back taxes,
  • Public Service demanding payment so that power is not turned off,
  • Lawyer or Police Officer stating a loved one is in trouble and money is required,
  • Craigslist buyers sending overpayment requesting shipping, and refunds,
  • Sweetheart swindles that lead you to believe the scam artist really cares and asks for help.
  • False Realtors requesting security deposits on properties that are legitimately for rent.
  • Lottery winnings or large out of country sums that are to be mailed to you.
  • Checks, money orders that are sent to you are either fictitious or have stolen routing numbers.

Police advise DO NOT provide anyone with personal information before verifying their authenticity, and never send or wire money without confirming the recipient is legitimate. If you receive payment via money order, business or personal check, do not refund money until check is verified by bank. Anyone who receives such e-mails can call police 973-284-4940 or log into Nutley Website to generate an online report.

One phone call, can save you thousands, take a second and ask someone before sending anything.