NUTLEY, NJ -  The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a Court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing.

Medical Calls:  40

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Motor Vehicle Accidents:  16

Disputes/Suspicious Incidents:  28


Theft – Officers responded to speak with the victim of a past occurred theft.  They stated that their wallet was missing and believes it was taken while shopping earlier in the day at a Franklin Avenue business.  The wallet was described as a black Anne Klein with white stitching.  The wallet contained several credit cards, driver’s license, and personal identifying cards.  While in the process of cancelling their credit cards the victim was advised that fraudulent purchases were already made on the accounts.  One card had over $748.11 in purchases and the other had $418.40 charged, both used at Target in Clifton.  Officers responded to that location and spoke with the Assets Protection Specialist and were able to get a description of the actor:  a heavyset black female, wearing a baseball cap, white shirt with a blue jacket, black pants and black/white sneakers. Investigation is active.


Motor Vehicle Stop – Washington Avenue – A vehicle was observed driving through a red traffic signal and Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop.  The driver, Luis Mora, age 30, of Belleville, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was issued traffic offenses including:  Driving While Intoxicated, Driving while Suspended,  Driving While Intoxicated Within 1000 Feet of a School, advised of his mandatory Court date and released from custody.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Passaic Avenue - While stopped at the traffic light Officers observed a vehicle stopped and occupied.  A motor vehicle stop was initiated and resulted in the arrest of Alfredo Odar, age 31, of Belleville, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was issued motor vehicle summonses for the following offenses:  Driving While Intoxicated, Refusal to Take Breath Test, advised of his mandatory Court date and released from Police custody.

Motor Vehicle Accident  - Bloomfield Avenue -  Uniformed personnel were directed to the area regarding a motor vehicle accident.  While investigating the crash, Officers found one of the driver’s involved to have an active warrant out of Rutherford.  Bridget Hayes, 39, of Rutherford, was placed into custody and transported to Headquarters without incident.  Appropriate bail was posted and Ms. Hayes was issued two motor vehicle summonses before being released. 

Burglary – Centre Street – the homeowners contacted Police after returning home and finding their front door ajar.  The house was found ransacked with a rear bedroom window unlocked which appeared to be where the actor/s gained entry.    The Detective Bureau was advised and arrived on scene to assume the investigation.

Attempted Burglary – Centre Street – while canvasing the area on a nearby burglary, Officers observed pry marks, which appeared to be fresh, on the rear door of a neighboring home.  The perimeter of the residence was checked and found to be secure.  Detective Bureau was notified and took over the investigation.

Burglary – St. Mary’s Place – Headquarters dispatched Officers to the area regarding a residential burglary.  The victims returned home and noticed their home had been burglarized.  Patrol units cleared the house for any suspects and observed the bedrooms and other living areas had been ransacked. Signs of forced entry were observed on a basement window located on the south side of the home. Pry marks were also observed on the interior door-jam of the rear entrance to the home. Detective Bureau arrived on scene to assume the investigation.  Officers canvassed the surrounding area for any information that may deem pertinent to the events that transpired. 


Drug Paraphernalia – Franklin Avenue – Officers responded to the area regarding a hypodermic needle found in a nearby alley way.  The needle was retrieved and placed in a container and transported to the Health Department for proper disposal.  No further action taken. 


Suspicious Incident – Prospect Street – A student reported to School Officials that a male actor described as Caucasian, possible 50’s, white or grey hair and balding, wearing an orange traffic vest, driving a 4 door, older model dark blue sedan, offered them a ride to school.  After saying no, the actor asked a few more times, but the student refused, before he drove off towards Centre Street.  The male actor was not familiar to the student.  The Detective Bureau was notified of the incident.

Suspicious Incident – Officers responded to the area regarding a phone call received by the homeowner from an unknown male stating that they had won $ 1,000.00 dollars and that he would come to the home this afternoon to give them the check.  During the conversation the male party asked "how much money can you give to me?"  The victim stated they hung up and the male party did not call back.  The homeowner was concerned that the male actor would show up as stated.  Officers informed the victim that this is a scam that has been happening recently and that they would make checks throughout the remainder of their tour.  Additionally, they also advised them to contact Headquarters immediately if they notice anyone suspicious in the area.  Nothing further at this time.

General Investigation – Patrol was directed to a residence in regard to a possible Craigslist scam.  The party advised Officers that they responded to a Craigslist advertisement that was looking to employ someone as a home caretaker.  Upon receiving a reply, they found the message to be very suspicious, specifically because the message was asking for personal information, and the message included information different from the original advertisement.  The victim was advised not to respond to any further messages from the requester.  No further action.

Suspicious Incident – Gless Avenue – Headquarters received a call regarding packages that had been tampered with. Upon arrival, the victim showed Officers three (3) packages on their doorstep.  Observed was that two of the three packages had been tampered with.  The packages only contained supplies for the victim’s job, and it did not appear that anything was missing.  No further action.

Suspicious Incident – Gless Avenue - While investigating another incident regarding tampered packages, Officers observed a damaged FedEx box located on the front lawn of a nearby home.  They collected the box and responded to the intended recipient’s home to alert them of their findings. The victim stated that they received notification that the box was in fact delivered, but they did not receive the package.  The box was checked and found to contain all of the items ordered and nothing appeared damaged.  No further action taken.

Theft – High Street - Officers responded to a home regarding a report of theft of a delivery package.  The caller stated moments ago they noticed they received a package from Fed Ex.  The package was opened and the contents inside were taken, but the box was left on the porch.  The package contained make-up valued at approximately $29.95.  The time the package was delivered was noted at 10:47 hours.  The victim did not observe anyone suspicious prior to the theft. 

Burglary – Conover Avenue – A burglary was called into dispatch.  The home was cleared of any actor/s and Officers observed a basement window in the rear of the house which was kicked in and the glass shattered.  The inside of the residence was ransacked. Neighborhood was canvassed for any pertinent information regarding the incident.  Detective Bureau was advised and responded to the scene to process evidence and take over the investigation. Investigation to continue.

Burglary – St. Mary’s Place – Patrol Units were directed to the area regarding a panic alarm.  Upon arrival the residents were waiting outside the home and stated that they entered the house and noticed it had been rummaged through.  Officers cleared the scene of any possible actor/s.  The entry point seemed to be a front bedroom window.  The neighborhood was canvassed.  Detective Bureau arrived on scene and processed the scene and provided the victims with Stolen Property Reports to record the items believed to be missing from the residence.  Investigation is ongoing. 


Theft – Franklin Avenue – A business owner reported a past occurred theft from their store.  They stated that a Caucasian woman, approximately 5’ 3” in height, estimated at 30 years old swapped an expensive ring in excess of 2,000.00 with a less expensive ring valued at 15.00.  The actor left the store and proceeding south on foot down Franklin Avenue.  Officers canvassed the area with negative results.  The Detective Bureau was advised and they responded to process the scene.  Investigation to continue.

Field Interview – Centre Street - While on patrol, Officers observed a male party walking and he appeared to be drinking a small bottle of alcohol. An interview was conducted and had a bottle of Whiskey.  The male party was apologetic for his actions and was checked for wants/warrants with negative results.  He was issued a Township Ordinance for Unlawful Consumption of Alcohol.  The empty alcohol bottle was disposed of on scene.  Nothing further.

Dog Bite Incident – Jefferson Street – Headquarters received a report of a dog that was bitten while being walked passed a residence in the area.  The dog that was attacked ran away and was found back at its home and taken to the Cedar Grove Animal Hospital for injuries to the neck and hind parts.  The owner of the dog that pushed his way underneath the fence and caused injury to the other dog was not injured in the scuffle and the owner was issued Township Ordinance for Dog at Large.  The Nutley Health Department and Animal Control were advised of the incident and faxed a copy of the report. 


Property Damage – Union Avenue – Response was made to a residence on a snow removal complaint.  The homeowner advised Officers that snow was plowed from the neighboring property onto theirs.  Observed was a large pile of snow that appeared to have been pushed onto their property.  The property next door is a parking lot owned by an apartment complex.  Additionally, when the snow was pushed onto the victim’s property it was pushed against the garage and caused the side of the garage to crack.  The cost of the damage was unknown at this time.  The homeowner advised Officers that this has happened previously, and when they spoke with a representative from the complex, they stated they would respond to remove the snow, but never arrived.  The victim was advised of the process of filing a complaint with the Nutley Municipal Court.  No further action taken.


Theft – Harrison Street – A homeowner reported that they took three pieces of jewelry off and placed them in their vehicle’s center console and accidentally left it there when exiting the auto.   The victim stated that they heard a car door in their driveway and thought it was their husband, but when no one entered the home they checked their vehicle and the jewelry was no longer there.  The approximate value of the jewelry was estimated at $4,200.00.  It is possible that the vehicle was left unlocked.

Dispute – Centre Street – Officers responded on a report of a verbal dispute.  While investigating the incident it was found that one of the parties involved had an outstanding warrant out of North Warren.  Frank Marrazza, 54, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was unable to pay the appropriate bail, but was granted release on his own recognizance from the jurisdiction with a newly assigned mandatory Court date.  Nothing further.