The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a Court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing.

Medical Calls:  31

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Motor Vehicle Accidents: 13

Disputes/Suspicious Incidents:  22


Theft – Franklin Avenue – Officers arrived at a business on a call regarding a theft.  The victim stated that someone stole their wallet and contents from behind the front counter of the establishment.  Missing items included: cash, credit cards, personal identifiers, and gift cards.  Police are investigating.  No further action at this time.

Theft – Woodcrest Lane – Another report of theft was made and Officers responded to speak with the victim who stated they ordered new checks in the mail and never received them.  Additionally, the financial institution stated that 3 checks from the check book were cashed with the victim’s forged signature on them, totaling $795.00.  The bank is doing an investigation on their own and the affected account has been closed.

Criminal Mischief – Franklin Avenue – while stopping for pedestrians in a crosswalk an argument ensued between driver and pedestrian that led to the pedestrian striking the driver’s side window of the vehicle causing it to shatter.  Due to the actor’s admission to committing the criminal mischief, Mr. Arthur Joynes, III, 42, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was charged with Criminal Mischief, and was released on his own recognizance, he was advised of his Court date.  The dollar amount for the shattered window was determined to be $409.00.  No further Police action taken at this time.

Theft – Franklin Avenue – Officers were dispatched to the area regarding a report of a stolen bicycle from the front of the store.  The victim stated they left their bike outside of the store and when they returned to it, it was gone.  The bike was valued at $600.00 and was described at teal green and chrome colored with white rear pegs.  The victim will be providing Headquarters with the serial number to be entered as stolen.


Tree Limb Down – Brookdale Avenue – Headquarters received a call regarding a tree limb down.  Upon arrival, Officers observed a large tree limb that was completely covering the front yard and front entrance to the home.  There were also loose wires hanging. Nutley Fire was on scene and determined the scene was safe due to the affected wires not being electric.  Homeowner was advised that the Shade Tree Department would be responding.  There was no damage observed to the home.


Theft – River Road – Headquarters received a report of stolen checks.  The victim stated that while waiting for their new checks to arrive they noticed their account balance had been charged $198.99 using a check number that was in the new batch of checks not yet received.  The victim could not provide Officers with the bank account information, but wished to have the incident documented.

Criminal Mischief – Kenzel Avenue – Response was made to the area regarding criminal mischief to auto.  The victim stated that when they returned to their vehicle they found the rear window to their car shattered.  Found around the vehicle were several medium to large size rocks. The estimated cost of repair was not known at the time of the report. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Franklin Avenue – Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of the driver, Daniel Taback, 40, of Weston, FL, and passenger, Kyle Vidart, 21, of Lyndhurst, who were transported to Headquarters.  Inside the vehicle was found 3 pink prescription pills, a small bag containing crack/cocaine, and a sealed bag of hypodermic needles Both parties were processed and charged with Possession of CDS, and assigned a Court date.  Mr. Taback was also issued a summons for Drug Possession by a Motor Vehicle Operator, Driving While Intoxicated, and Driving While Intoxicated on School Property, before being released from custody. 


Lewdness/Township Ordinance – Municipal Lot #1 – A report of a party urinating in public was received and Officers responded to the area.  Observed was a party drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette and was also observed exposing his private parts and relieving himself.  Alfred Ziegler, 54, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters. He was charged with Lewdness and advised of his mandatory Court date.  Additionally, he was issued summonses for Consumption of Alcohol in a Public Place, and Prohibited Smoking in a public Area.  A party that was in the same area as the actor was also observed smoking and issued a summons for Prohibited Smoking in a Public Area.  Nothing further.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Centre Street – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of the driver Julissa Gonzalez. 27, of Belleville, for an outstanding warrant out of Nutley.  She was transported to Headquarters without incident, able to post the appropriate bail, issued summonses for Obstruction of Windshield for Vision, Failure to Produce License, Registration, or Insurance Documents, advised to contact the Nutley Court to arrange a new Court date, and released from custody.   

Field Interview – Franklin Avenue – Officers initiated a field interview which resulted in the arrest of Steven D. Collins, 48, of Belleville, for 3 outstanding warrants out of Paramus, and one outstanding warrant out of Hoboken.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident and both jurisdictions were contacted due to Mr. Collins not able to post the appropriate funds.  Paramus PD released him on his own recognizance with a new Court date, and Hoboken Police wished for Mr. Collins to be transported to their jurisdiction where took custody.  Nothing further.


Motor Vehicle Stop – Stanley Avenue - While on scene of another investigation, Officers observed a party operating a motor vehicle who was known to have two active warrants out of Bloomfield.  A motor vehicle stop was initiated and the driver Christopher Sikelianos, 25, of Nutley, was placed into custody and transported to Headquarters.  He was able to post the appropriate bail and was released.

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud. The victim stated that they applied for a loan online and received a confirmation email advising such.  They then received a call from an “agent” stating that in order to receive the loan they would have to buy $1,000.00 dollars in I-Tunes gift cards, then call the “agent” back and give him the ID numbers on the cards.  The victim purchased the cards and gave the “agent” the ID numbers.  At this time the agent then advised the loan was being processed and that they needed to provide multiple money grams equaling $800.00 dollars in order to finalize the loan, and after such time they would be reimbursed for the iTunes cards.  A third call was received from an “agent” stating that he was from the IRS that the victim felt something was suspicious and contacted Police.  The victim never received the loan which they applied for and notified their bank of the incident.   The bank is further investigating the matter and a fraud alert has been placed on their account.  The victim was advised to contact Headquarters in the event they notice any other fraudulent activity.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Norman Place – Police on alert for suspicious vehicles and persons, that may be responsible for breaking into a number of vehicles in Nutley Happened upon the following two parties on Norman Pl.-  Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop that resulted in the arrest of, Murad Harris, 38, Irvington,  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, processed, and charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was also found to be in possession of close to a dozen cell phones, police were unable to determine if the phones had been stolen from another jurisdiction.  He was released from custody after being advised of the Court date, the below party was stopped and denied knowing Harris.

Field Interview – Norman Place -  while trying to conduct a field interview, the party fled the scene and was found by a back-up Officer in the nearby vicinity.  The party gave a ficticious name and their identity could not be confirmed.  Kareem Chalmers, 20, of Newark, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Newark and upon contact with Newark PD they released Mr. Chalmers on his own recognizance with a new mandatory Court date.  Additionally, Mr. Chalmers was charged by Nutley for Hindering His Own Apprehension and Obstruction of a Governmental Function. He was printed, processed, and advised of his mandatory Court date before being released from custody.

Field Interview – Municipal Lot #1 – Officers responded to the area on a report of two individuals drinking alcohol in public.  Upon arrival they observed two males loitering in the area with a bottle of Vodka lying on the floor next to one of the parties.  Both parties were checked for warrants and both parties were found to have one each.  Joseph Kozielski, age 50, of Nutley, was placed under arrest for an active warrant out of Newark, and Jay Murphy, 27, of Newark (homeless) was placed into custody for a warrant out of Bloomfield.  Both were transported to Headquarters without incident.  Neither could post the appropriate bail.  Mr. Murphy was released on his own recognizance from the Bloomfield Police Department with his new Court date.  Mr. Kozielski was released on his own recognizance from Newark Police and was issued two Nutley Township Ordinances for Unlawful Consumption of Alcohol in Public and Encumbering Sidewalk with an Item and released from custody.


Theft from Vehicle – Coeyman Avenue – The victim told Police that when they went out to their car they found the center console compartment and passenger glove compartment had been gone through and that a cellphone charger and the vehicle’s paperwork were missing.  Officers observed the compartments open inside the vehicle, and it appeared as someone rummaged through the contents located inside each compartment. There was no sign of forced entry on the vehicle, nor a distinct mark, to determine which side the suspect may have entered the vehicle.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.  No further action taken.

Theft – Passaic Avenue – Headquarters received a walk in report of a theft.  A grill, baby stroller, and hand truck were taken from the victim’s property, as they were stored behind the home.  The exact date or time of the theft is not known or the value of the items taken.  Nothing further at this time.

Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding missing checks.  The victim ordered checks from their bank and never received them.  They observed 5 fraudulent checks written on their account as follows:  

The fraudulent checks totaled over $2,000.00.  The bank advised the victim that they would not be responsible for the fraudulent checks and their account would be fully reimbursed.  The financial institution also advised the victim to make a Police report so that the bank could continue the investigation.  No further police action was taken at this time.

Fraud – Officers responded to the victim’s home where they stated that they found a transaction that they did not authorize on their bank statement.  A check was processed for $1,800.00 on a check they did not write.  Additionally, they found 2 more checks missing from the book.  The financial institution was advised and the account canceled.  The report was forwarded to the Detective Bureau.