NUTLEY, NJ -  The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a Court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing.

Medical Calls:  40

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Motor Vehicle Accidents:  22

Disputes/Suspicious Incidents:  33


Theft – Joerg Avenue – A report of theft from vehicle was received and Officers responded to the scene.  The victims stated that they came out to their vehicles and found that actor/s had entered both vehicles.  The center consoles and glove compartments were found opened and rummaged through in both vehicles.  There were no signs of forced entry and the victims could not be certain whether the vehicles were locked.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident and responded to process the scene and assume the investigation. Other vehicles on the block were checked and all was in order.  Investigation to continue.

Suspicious Incident – Cedar Street – A resident reported finding two items on their front lawn next to the walk.  The two items appeared to be a used mayonnaise jar which contained egg shells and an old used ketchup bottle.  There was also a carrot found in the backyard.  There was a similar incident a week earlier and both incidents happened sometime during the overnight hours.  The victim was advised to contact Headquarters should they see or hear anything or anyone suspicious.

Theft from Vehicle – High Street – Officers responded to a report of a past occurred burglary to auto.  The victim stated someone took tools out of their truck.  There were no signs of forced entry, Several hundred dollars’ worth of tools and equipment was stolen.  While canvassing the area Officers observed several surveillance cameras on surrounding businesses and are in the process of reviewing.

Criminal Mischief – High Street – The victim contacted Headquarters to report someone spray painted the passenger side front door of their truck.  Photographs of the vandalism were taken and placed into evidence.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Washington Avenue -  Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of Jose Plasencia, 19, of South Hackensack.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, issued summonses for Driving While Intoxicated and failure to have necessary lighting Required.  He was advised of his Court date and released.


Alarm – Burglar – Bloomfield Avenue – Headquarters directed Patrol to a business that had an activated alarm and unsecured door.  Upon checking the building, the owner observed surveillance coverage of the property, they witnessed 2 parties dressed in all black, wearing masks, inside the building at the time of the alarm.  Detective Bureau was advised and arrived to process the scene.  Investigation is active.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Franklin Avenue – Headquarters received a call regarding a hit and run accident.  Upon arrival Officers observed the vehicle had been pushed up on the sidewalk and was resting on the front lawn.  The victim observed the party that hit their vehicle get out of their car and run from the scene.  Nutley units checked the area and found the driver, Andres Nunez, 23, of Clifton, and placed him under arrest.  He was issued summonses for: 

Driving While Intoxicated, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Failure to Report an Accident, and Open/Unsealed Container of Alcohol in Vehicle.  He was advised of his mandatory Court date before being released from custody.


Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud from the victim who stated they received a bill from a financial institution stating they owed $4,889.00 that was spent at an AAmco in the Bronx.  The matter had been previously resolved with assistance from an attorney.  The victim was advised to contact a credit reporting agency to monitor their credit.  They declined being entered into the Identity Theft Victim database.

Property Damage – Hawthorne Ave – Homeowner reported that they had a desk delivered today by UPS.  The package was delivered and left on the front porch.  When the victim came around to walk up their front steps they discovered the front step was ripped off.  And package damaged Incident was reported to UPS.


Suspicious Incident – Hillside Avenue – Multiple units responded on a report of an open front door.  The homeowner stated that when they left their house earlier in the day their front door was closed.  Officers cleared the home and it was determined to be an oversight.  There was no signs of forced entry into the home and all was checked and appeared to be in order.  No further action.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle – River Road -  A private parking complaint for a pick-up truck with no plates, and parked in a marked space, resulted in the recovery of a stolen vehicle out of Clark, NJ.  The truck was cleared from the scene and towed to Headquarters where Clark Detectives responded to continue their investigation.  After processing the truck, the owner was contacted and they responded to Headquarters to retrieve their vehicle.    Nothing further.


Criminal Mischief – Franklin Avenue – A business owner stated they heard a loud bang on their window but did not know what it was.  Upon inspecting the area later they notices the store’s north window pane was shattered.  Officers observed what appeared to be a small size rock mark, which caused a spiraling surrounding the impact area.  No further information could be provided in reference to the incident.  There was already a repairman on scene to fix the window.

Theft from Vehicle – Franklin Avenue – The victim reported to Officers that they parked their vehicle in the apartment complex parking lot and when they returned they discovered that their glove box was open and the contents were all over the passenger’s side of the vehicle.   The victim stated that they must have forgotten to lock their vehicle.  Detective Bureau responded to process the scene.


Tree Limb Down – Kierstead Avenue – Officers responded on a call of a downed wire.  Upon arrival they met with the caller who stated they exited their home and noticed a huge branch entangled with the power line connected to the home. From observation it appeared that a branch fell and stripped down the cable line that leads into the home.  Another wire was also being pressed down, which appears to be the power line to the home.  The homeowner was advised that Nutley Headquarters contacted Shade Tree and they will be responding accordingly.  No further action taken.


Criminal Mischief – William Street – Headquarters received a walk in report of criminal mischief from the victim who stated that when they returned to their vehicle they noticed the passenger side brake light was smashed.  This occurred while parked in Municipal Lot #3.  The broken glass of the light was found in the bushes at the lot.  It is not known if someone smashed it deliberately or if it was struck by another vehicle.