The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a Court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing.

Medical Calls:  39

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 Motor Vehicle Accidents:  15

 Disputes/Suspicious Incidents: 19


 Theft Police are investigating a theft that occurred at a local market, in which an unidentified female reached inside a victim’s pocketbook and removed a purse containing credit cards and cash. The actor then proceeded to a Belleville store and attempted to use the victim’s card in a transaction. The card had already been cancelled and police are investigating. It appears other jurisdictions have experienced similar thefts, when occupied shoppers leave their handbags in the carriage while looking away. Police are releasing the below image and warning that personal items should not be left in a carriage unattended. A possible ID has been established and investigation is continuing.


Suspicious Incident – Wesley Place – A homeowner contacted Headquarters to report finding the front bumper of a car that seemed to be put near their garbage cans.  It did not appear any accident took place on the street or in the general area of where the bumper was found.  Thelicense plate on the vehicle, from Massachusetts, was registered to Hertz LLC.  The bumper and license plate were taken to Headquarters and contact was made with Hertz, who confirmed the rental to a party out of Belleville, NJ.  Belleville Police contacted Nutley Headquarters and advised they had the party under arrest and would be responding to retrieve the bumper and license plate.  Custody was transferred to Belleville PD.


Suspicious Incident – Centre Street - While on patrol Officers observed a NJ Transit Bus traveling West on Centre St. with "Emergency Call Police Call 911" displayed on its destination sign and strobe lights going off along the bus. Officers stopped the bus at the intersection of Centre St. and Bloomfield Ave. and relayed the message to dispatch. The driver stated that they had activated the emergency sign because they had an aggressive passenger on the bus who was threatening them. The passenger got off the bus three (3) stops prior on Centre St. and the driver did not believe the passenger would carry out any threats. Units checked the area for that passenger with negative results. No further action taken.


Criminal Mischief – Walnut Street- Officers were dispatched to the area regarding a report of criminal mischief to auto.  The victim stated that someone slashed the front tire of their pick-up truck while it was parked in their driveway overnight.  The tire is valued at approximately $300.00.  The victim was advised of their right to sign a complaint with the Court if the person responsible is identified.  No further Police action at this time.

Theft – Franklin Avenue -  A local business reported to Police a past occurred shoplifting incident.  The store manager stated that a man entered the establishment wearing a baseball cap and dark clothing and browsed the aisles before exiting the establishment.  As the suspect walked through the security sensors located at the exit, an alarm sounded indicating that an unpaid item left the store.  A witness identified the fleeing vehicle as a  Nissan Altima. The manager reviewed the surveillance footage which displays the suspect concealing several items in his jacket, then proceeding to exit the store. The inventory was checked and it found that 26 items were taken from the shelves where the suspect is seen concealing merchandise. The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

Theft – Hillside Avenue – The victim of a theft responded to Headquarters to report an incident.  They stated that after having two friends over, they discovered their leather wallet was missing from their pants pocket from inside the apartment.  Two purchases were made with a credit card that was inside the wallet.  The credit cards have since been cancelled and the fraudulent purchases reported.  No further information available at the time of the report.


Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim stated that they received letters and phone calls regarding a cable company bill with an outstanding balance.  The victim does not have an account with the company claiming to be owed.  The victim was advised to contact the company and file a fraud report for the account and to contact Experian to fill out any paperwork in regards to identity theft.  The victim is already registered in the national database for identity theft from a previous incident. 

Suspicious Person – Windsor Place –a call was received regarding a suspicious male walking in the area wearing a striped shirt and a baseball cap.  A check of his credentials resulted in the arrest of Keith Parasmo, 27, of Lyndhurst, for six (6) outstanding warrants out of Newark, Belleville, and Lyndhurst.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident.  A search incident to arrest found him to be in possession of a social security card belonging to someone who had been robbed in Newark a week earlier.  Mr. Parasmo was transported to Essex County Correctional Facility and turned over to staff. Newark Police to follow up.

Fraud – the victim reported to Police that their school sent out their resume to several companies and they were contacted via email from an unknown party claiming to be from Digital Extremes who stated that if the victim responded to the email they would be guaranteed a position with their company.  The company asked for name, address, and phone number which the victim provided.  The victim received a Federal Express envelope addressed to them in the amount of $1,860.00.  An email was received that stated that their first task with the company was to deposit the check into their bank account and then send 90% of the funds via Money Gram to a Stacey Vanier at 289 Carisle Ave. Manila Philippines, 1408 and to keep 10% in their bank account. The victim responded to Newark to perform the Money Gram transaction in the amount of $1,673.33.  Today, the victim received communication from their financial institution that the $1,860.00 check was bad and the funds were taken out of their bank account.  The victim was advised of their case number for the report and advised how to obtain a copy. 


Juvenile Field Interview – Route 21 – Officers dispatched to Route 21 on the report of two parties walking on the highway. Upon arrival, they observed two parties; walking on the side of Route 21 The two parties observed our patrol cars and quickly jumped the guard rail and ran into the wooded area along the highway and the Passaic River. Belleville Police units responded and assisted us canvassing the area. Shortly thereafter, Nutley Officers were able to locate the two parties walking northbound on River Road just north of East Centre Street. While at Headquarters, only one (1) juvenile was able to give a contact number for an adult.  After the adult arrived, it was determined that both juveniles gave false names and birth dates, and were being housed at a Court mandated inpatient treatment facility located in Newark.  The Coordinator was contacted and advised of the boy’s whereabouts.  Newark Police were contacted and advised that Nutley Police had the two missing juveniles in custody and would be transporting them to the treatment facility. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Route 21 – While on patrol Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop for a vehicle driving erratically.  The driver Daniel Cocchi, 29, of Bloomfield, was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Belleville and was placed into Police custody.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, Belleville PD was contacted and stated they would be responding to take custody of Mr. Cocchi and transport him to their jurisdiction.  Nothing further.


Theft from Vehicle – Stewart Avenue – The victim contacted Police to report a theft from vehicle.  It was stated that someone opened the vehicle during the night and stole a number of items.  The Detective Bureau was notified and responded to process the scene. 

Theft from Vehicle – Stewart Avenue – while investigating a separate theft from vehicle, Police discovered a NJ DMV driver’s permit on the ground in the area of Whitford Ave. A check of the party found them to be a resident of Russell Avenue.  Upon checking their vehicle it was revealed that the victim’s vehicle had been entered.  The Detective Bureau was notified and responded to process the scene.  Detective Bureau investigating.

Theft from Vehicle – Stewart Avenue – In addition to the other two vehicles, while canvassing the area on another Theft from Auto, Officers found another vehicle that had been rummaged through.  Detective Bureau processed the scene and will be continuing with the investigation.

Suspicious Vehicle – Walnut Street – Officers responded to the area regarding a suspicious vehicle circling the area and walking onto different properties. The vehicle, a silver Audi with Pennsylvania plates was located and a motor vehicle stop was initiated which resulted in the arrest of its driver and passenger Ronald Bergamino, 34, of Nutley, and Kirsten Kapsis, 29, of Nutley for outstanding warrants both parties were released after satisfying bail.

Property Damage – Race Street -  A resident reported that when their went out to their car this morning the rear windshield was found to be shattered.  There was no broken glass observed in the roadway or in the driveway.  It is possible that the damage may have been caused from the hailstorm which occurred during the night.  The value to repair/replace the window was not known at the time of the report.  The caller was advised of how to obtain the report for their insurance records.

Burglary Arrest- Police investigating a gas station Burglary on Bloomfield Ave were able to obtain evidence identifying 33 y/o  Jennifer Miller of Nutley as the person who allegedly entered the establishment and stole proceeds. She was arrested and charged and later transported to Essex County Jail.


Arrest on Warrant -  Police stopped a suspicious vehicle on Holmes St and found the driver  to have multiple outstanding warrants. 24 y/o Arthur Fields of Newark was arrested and transported to Police Headquarters where he was later released.

Theft Police responded to Yantacaw Pl, and met with a resident who reported two bicycles stolen from his rear yard. The bikes were valued at 1500.00 Police are investigating.