NUTLEY, NJ -  The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a Court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing.

Medical Calls:  36

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Motor Vehicle Accidents:  18

Disputes/Suspicious Incidents:  28


Gas Leak – River Road – Officers were dispatched, with the Fire Department and Public Service, to the area on a smell of natural gas.  PSE& G employee checked the building for gas and had a strong reading in front of Apt. B.  The Fire Dept. made entry and found that the stove was left on. The stove was shut off and the apartment was vented by NFD.  Officers contacted the owner of the apartment and informed them that entry was made into the apartment with minimal damage to the door. The door was able to be secured before all emergency agencies left the scene.

Motor Vehicle Stop – River Road – A motor vehicle stop was initiated and the driver, Alberto Colon, 31, of Jersey City, was placed under arrest for 4 (four) outstanding warrants out of Woodland Park, Paterson, Newark, and Fairlawn.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, Woodland Park, Paterson, and Newark were all contacted and released Mr. Colon on his own recognizance.  He signed all of the appropriate paperwork acknowledging his new Court date and was given copies.  Mr. Colon was able to post bail for the Fair Lawn warrant, was issued two summonses for Driving While Suspended, Obstruction of Windshield for Vision, and released from custody.


Motor Vehicle Stop – River Road – Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop and spoke to the driver who stated they left their driver’s license home and then found out that he did not have one at all.  Through Officer’s investigation they were able to clarify and correct various details about the party, subsequently making it possible to positively identify the male, Marvin Colly, 50, of Brooklyn, who was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters.  He was also found to have 2 (two) active warrants out of Newark and Irvington. Due to Colly's numerous aliases and multiple social security numbers he was checked through the Fingerprint Identification System further confirming his proper identify as such.

Colly was charged with Hindering Apprehension, issued summonses for Unlicensed Driver, Failure to Exhibit Documents, Maintenance of Lamps, Obstruction of Windshield for Vision, and advised of his Court date.  Irvington Police were contacted and arrived at Headquarters to assume custody of Mr. Colly to transport him to their jurisdiction.


Township Ordinance – Conover Avenue – Officers were directed to the area regarding a portable storage unit that was in the roadway and had been previously addressed by Code Enforcement.  The homeowner could not be reached and a Township Ordinance for Encumbrance in Street was mailed.  No further action taken.

Shoplifting – Franklin Avenue – A store owner contacted Police to report a white male, possible 30’s, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans was in their store to purchase lottery tickets and took $100 worth of lottery tickets without paying for them.  A male fitting the description was found near a dumpster and tried to leave the area when he observed Police but was stopped and arrested Kevin Sales, 27, of Belleville, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was charged with Shoplifting, printed, processed, advised of his Court date and released from custody.

Property Damage – Garden Place - the victim reported property damage to their auto and Officers responded to take the report.  The vehicle was parked and when the victim returned they shut the driver’s side door and heard the back window glass break.  There was nothing found inside the interior of the vehicle that could have been responsible for the damage. 


Lewdness – Chestnut Street – Officers witnessed a homeless party, who had just been sleeping in the Police Department lobby, step out the front door, drop their pants, just outside the Police main entrance exposing their nude lower half to pedestrian traffic, and the public.  This same party was observed on camera to begin urinating.  Jennifer Wolff, 39, of West Milford, was taken into custody without incident, processed, issued a summons for Lewdness, a disorderly person’s offense, advised of their Court date, and released from custody. Nutley Fire decontaminated the front walk.

Theft by Deception – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a theft by deception.  The victim stated that they saw an apartment for rent on Craigslist and started dialog with a party claiming to be a real estate agent.  The actor emailed paperwork from Weehawken Executive Realty and the victims sent a deposit in the amount of $1,050 to an account in Alabama.  The husband went to meet the actor/realtor at the apartment who did not show up, the apartment was empty, and the phone is going directly to voicemail.  All paperwork was put into the evidence system.

Property Damage – Centre Street – The property owner advised Officers that they observed their mailbox that was mounted to a wooden post knocked over and saw what appeared to be tire tracks from a motor cross style motorcycle throughout the empty lot.  The owner requested Police checks of the property on the weekends.

Criminal Mischief – Yantacaw Place – A report of criminal mischief was received by dispatch.  Officers spoke with the Principal who stated that a construction barrel, used to control traffic, had a quarter-sized swastika drawn on it with a Sharpie type marker.  The swastika was photographed, and removed with spray paint.  There is no indication who may be responsible.  No further information at this time.  Detective Bureau notified.


Burglary – Franklin Avenue – A follow up on an earlier report of suspicious parties resulted in the arrest of one of the suspects, Henry Peralta, 19, of New Brunswick.  He was transported to Headquarters and the Prosecutor’s Office approved charges of Burglary - a 3rd degree offense, Possession of C.D.S, and Resisting Arrest for the unlawful entry of a van and taking a bag of marijuana and concealing it in his pants.  He was printed and photographed, and was later transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility by the Essex County Sheriff’s Department. 

Theft from Vehicle – Walnut Street - Headquarters received a call regarding a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that their truck was found to have the padlock cut, entry made to the rear, and tools stolen.  The Detective Bureau arrived on scene to continue the investigation Investigation to continue.

Theft – Wilmington Drive – Officers responded to the area on a report of a burglary/theft.  Upon arrival, the homeowner stated that they observed items missing from the home.  The Detective Bureau was notified and they responded to the home to process the scene.    Detective Bureau took over the investigation.

Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding unusual fraudulent activity to the victim’s credit card.  The card has already cancelled and a fraud investigation has been initiated.  Approximately $100.00 was charged in a shopping mall in Middletown, NJ.  No funds were lost, and it is not believed that the victim’s identity was compromised.  They were advised to monitor their credit reports and should anything arise, to contact Police.

Motor Vehicle Stop - Route 21 – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of the three occupants all from Newark:  Koamivi Kpama, 24, Luis Mejias, 26, Newark, and Stanley Aquinogarcia, 25, who were all transported to Headquarters without incident and were processed.  The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office approved charges for all parties involved which included: Possession of CDS and Paraphernalia.  Additionally, Mr. Kpama was issued the following motor vehicle summonses:  Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle, Driving While Suspended, Obstruction Windshield of Vision, and Failure to Possess Driver’s License or Registration. A large sum of money was confiscated which was determined to be counterfeit as well.  Mr. Mejas was advised of his Court date and released from custody.  Mr. Aquinogarcia and Mr. Kpama both were found to have outstanding warrants out of Newark and transported to the Essex County Sheriff’s Office by Nutley Officers who transferred custody. 


Theft – Walnut Street – Officers responded to the area regarding a report of criminal mischief.  The victim stated their trailer that was parked in the lot had noticed the lock cut and two pieces of equipment were missing.    No other vehicles in the lot appeared compromised. 

Township Ordinance – Washington Avenue – complaints were received for construction going on after hours and Officers responded to assess the area.  The construction Supervisor was advised of the Township Ordinance and work was ceased for the evening.  No further action.


Suspicious Incident – Franklin Avenue – Headquarters received a report of suspicious occurrences at a residence.  The building manager stated that they have been finding, on several occasions, cans of cat food located on the roof of the building and around the outside of the building. Additionally, there has been mail stolen from the building which was documented on an earlier report.  No further action taken.