NUTLEY, NJ - The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing

Anyone who has information about any crimes can send a (non emergency) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log into and search Nutley.

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Motor Vehicle Stop – River Road – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of the operator Daniel Pasterchick, 77, of Whiting, for two outstanding warrants out of Nutley and Clifton.  Both jurisdictions were contacted and released Mr. Pasterchick on his own recognizance.  Additionally, he was issued summonses for Driving After Driver’s License Suspended, Obstruction of Windshield, and Fail To Possess Driver Insurance Card.

Theft – Bloomfield Avenue – Patrol was dispatched to the area regarding a theft.  The caller stated that lights were stolen from around their pool that had an approximate value of $70.00.

Criminal Mischief – Clement Street – Officers responded to the area regarding a report of a past occurred criminal mischief. The victim stated they believed screws were put in the tires of their vehicle and located 1 screw in each of their 4 tires of the car.  Officers checked the surrounding area with negative results.


Theft from Vehicle – New Street - While checking the area for an individual reported to be looking into parked cars, Officers observed the interior light on in a vehicle.  The vehicle had its glove box and center console opened with its contents scattered on the front passenger seat.  The vehicle was not locked. 

2 –(Two) Theft from Vehicle – St. Mary’s Place – the first vehicle was found to have the glove box rummaged through while it was parked in the driveway.  There did not appear to be any forced entry and it was believed the vehicle was left unlocked.

**The second vehicle was found with the driver’s side door slightly ajar.  Upon further observation it was found to have been rummaged through including the glove box. 

3 –(Three) Thefts from Vehicle – Prospect Street – Officers responded to the area regarding multiple thefts from vehicles.  The first victim found their vehicle with the driver’s side door ajar and the glove box open with all its contents left on the passenger side front seat.  The center console was opened and appeared to be rummaged through, as well. The vehicle was left with its doors unlocked.

Car #2 was found by Police with its front driver’s side door ajar and the contents of the glove box had been removed and rummaged through.  The owner was contacted and stated they left the doors unlocked when it was parked.

Car #3 was found by the owner to have items missing.  A pair of aviator style Ray Ban sunglasses – rose gold in color with pink lenses, black Nike yoga pants purchased from Kohl’s with the tags still attached, and an insurance card.  The vehicle was left unlocked the evening before.

The Detective Bureau was advised and responded to the area to process the vehicles and take over the investigations.

Six (6) Theft from Vehicles – Centre Street – Officers responded to the area regarding a burglary to (2)-two autos and while canvassing the neighborhood, found three (4) other vehicles compromised.  The first victim stated that their two vehicles were entered while parked in the driveway, and that it was possible that the car doors were left unlocked. There were no signs of forced entry to either of the vehicles.

After a check of area for possible more, vehicle was found to have been rummaged through. Officers observed that the car doors were unlocked and there was no signs of forced entry.  The owner was contacted and stated it appeared nothing was removed from the vehicle. 

Another vehicle on the block was found with the driver’s side door slightly ajar and Officers advised the resident of the incident.  There were no signs of forced entry to the vehicle but it was determined that objects on the passenger seat seemed to be slightly misplaced. 

Two (2) other vehicles were found to have been rummaged through with the owner stating they were left unlocked. 

The Detective Bureau was advised, responded to all scenes to process the vehicles along with their contents, and took over the investigations. 

Suspicious Incident – Ohlson Avenue - Headquarters received a report of a suspicious incident.  The gate under the high tension wires was open and the lock was cut.  Officers observed same, and noted that there was no visible damage to the lock and nothing observed to be tampered with.  The gate was shut and the phone company contacted and advised of the incident.  No further action taken.

Suspicious Incident – Prospect Street – Response was made to the residence to take a report of a suspicious incident.  The victim stated that they observed a suspicious vehicle across the street from their home, and a male got out of a modern style sedan with a pizza box in their hand.  The resident found it suspicious because they could tell there was nothing in the box because there was no weight to it.  The unknown male rang the doorbell of a neighboring home and shouted to the driver of the vehicle “what you want me to do, there’s no cars in the driveway?”

Suspicious Incident – Beech Street – Officers responded to the residence and spoke with the homeowner who stated that they heard a knocking on their front door.  When they went over to the door and looked out the window they observed a young male, with bleached hair tips, wearing dark clothes, holding a pizza box as if he were there to deliver it.  Since the homeowner did not order anything, they spoke through the door and stated that they did not order anything.  The actor became agitated, threw the box onto the front yard, and with the alleged receipt in their hand, jumped on the pizza box, which was empty, and picked it up and ran into the back seat of a dark ( blue or black ) BMW.  The vehicle sped off West on Beech St. toward Bloomfield Ave.  There was another male in the driver’s seat, but the victim was not able to describe.


On Monday November 27th Police responded to two suspicious calls in which residents reported someone rang their bell, and had a pizza box that they didn’t order.

One incident the resident reported the person became agitated and jumped on the box before leaving in a dark colored sedan.

Concern that this may be a trick to gain entry to the home or a prelude to criminal activity police issued a township alert and conducted an investigation.

We were able to identify the actors as township juveniles committing what they believed to be harmless pranks throughout the area.

The Juvenile Aid Bureau is in the process of meeting with them and their parents.


Fraud - Officers responded on a report of fraud/scam.  The victim stated that they received a call from who they thought was their grandson and that he had been in an accident in Connecticut.  Shortly thereafter, they received another call from a "John William" stating the grandson was under arrest for multiple charges, and that the grandson was injured in the accident and is in the infirmary.  At that time, “John William” told the victim that in order for the grandson to be released a $ 2,250.00 bond must be paid.  At that point, the victim stated they sent the money ($ 2,250.00) via Western Union to “John William.”  A short time later “John William” called back stating more money was needed, and to send two Money Grams one for $1,000.00 dollars and another for $1,250.00.  After sending the money, the victim was notified by money gram officials that this is a scam, at which time they stopped the transaction.  The victim then contacted their grandson who was not injured and had not got into an accident.  It was at that time that the victim contacted Police.  Officers advised the victim to not answer the phone if the party calls back and to contact Headquarters if any further suspicious incidents occur.


Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud and the victim stated to Officers that a spokesperson from their financial institution contacted them to state they may have been a victim of fraud.  They said that an unknown suspect deposited money into the victim’s account and then made various withdrawals at different ATM’s that were reaching approximately $3,000.  Officers attempted to contact the bank with negative results, due to it being after normal business hours.  The debit card that is associated with the account has been canceled. 

Theft – Franklin Avenue – Response was made to the area regarding a report of a theft.  The attendant stated that (2) white males entered the attendant shack and took 2 cigar rolls then fled south on Franklin Ave.  Description of the males:  one wearing a red hooded sweatshirt with a hat and the other a brown hooded sweatshirt.  Units checked the area with negative results. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud.  The victim received a phone call from their credit card company and they stated that fraudulent activity for a mail/phone order purchase of an iPhone was done in the amount of $600.62 from Boost Mobile. The card has been in the possession of the owner at all times and the victim wanted to make a report of the suspicious activity.