NUTLEY, NJ - The Police Blotter is compiled each week by Det. Sgt. Anthony Montanari of the Crime Intelligence Public Information Division of the Nutley Police Department.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing

Anyone who has information about any crimes can send a (non emergent) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log into and search Nutley.

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Criminal Mischief – River Road – Headquarters received a report of criminal mischief.  The victim stated that they parked their vehicle at their residence and when they returned to it they noticed holes in their soft top cover, in the plastic rear windshield and five holes, the same size, in the plastic driver's side back window. The victim was advised of how to obtain a copy of the report for their records.


Motor Vehicle Investigation – Franklin Avenue – Officers were dispatched to the area regarding a vehicle that struck a shopping cart return holder while parking.  A field interview was conducted and resulted in the arrest of Jack Faria, 67, of Nutley, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was issued summonses for Possession of Alcohol in Passenger Compartment, Careless Driving, Failure to Report Accident, and Driving While Intoxicated.  He was advised of his mandatory Court date and released.


Property Damage – Prospect Street – The victim stated they parked their vehicle on the street in front of their residence and when they returned to the car they noticed damage to the hood.  Officers observed scrap marks on the hood.  It was not known how the damage was caused.  The victim was advised of how to obtain a copy of the report for their records.  No further action taken. 


Motor Vehicle Stop - Passaic Avenue – A motor vehicle stop was initiated for a vehicle that was parked in the middle of the street, over the center line, and unoccupied.  The owner, Maria Recinos, 33, of Bloomfield, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  She was charged with Obstructing the Administration of Law, issued motor vehicle summonses for; Delaying Traffic Prohibited, Failure to Keep Right, Parking on highway; removing vehicle; disabled vehicle, and released with her Court date.

Property Damage – Chestnut Street – Officers along with the Nutley Fire Department responded to the Nutley Elks building on a report of a tree that fell onto the building.  Observed was a tree that had broken off and fell onto the roof of the building over the party room.  It didn't appear that there was any structural damage. Electric was shut off as a precaution and Code Enforcement was contacted, advised of the incident, and would respond to check conditions.

Theft from Vehicle – Ravine Avenue – Headquarters received a report regarding a theft.  The victim stated that they were at the park with their children when they observed an actor inside their vehicle on the front driver’s seat.  The suspect is described as a white male, in his mid - 20’s, thin build, wearing a dark shirt, and blue shorts.  The victim yelled at the actor and he fled north on Ravine Avenue, turning left onto Centre Street, with the victim’s purse that was left on the seat.  The suspect gained access to the vehicle because the windows were open.    Detective Bureau was notified. 


Dog Bite Incident – New Street – Headquarters received a report regarding an animal bite.  The victim stated that while walking to school this morning they passed a party standing with two dogs when the large light brown dog jumped on their back and bit their upper right arm.  The owner pulled the dog away and apologized for the incident.  The victim continued to school, notified school staff, and was evaluated by the school nurse.  The parent was contacted and responded to the school to take the juvenile to the hospital for further medical treatment.  The dog owner was contacted and confirmation was made regarding the necessary vaccines and licenses.  

Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraud from the victim who stated that they received a Verizon Cell Service bill for a Blackberry Torch 9895 which is not theirs.  The Verizon agent discovered that there was an unauthorized account opened, under the victim’s name, by an unknown party, either over the phone or through the internet, not a store.  There was also no Verizon Wireless Sales Rep ID on the Acct file, nor a tracking # for the device shipped and where it was shipped.  The customer service department contacted the fraud department to advise them of the incident.  The victim will be obtaining the Police report to forward to the fraud division to terminate the account.

Theft by Deception – A report was received at Headquarters.  The victim stated that their sister had admitted to stealing their driver’s license, using it fraudulently for several months, and refusing to return it.  Additionally, the victim had to appear in traffic court in the City of Newark for several tickets due to the sister presenting the license when stopped by Police.  The victim was advised that they can sign a complaint for theft with the Nutley Municipal Court and to contact the City of Newark Court for the fraudulent use of their driver’s license.

Suspicious Incident – East Centre Street - the victim told Officers that they parked their motorcycle in their complex lot and when they returned to use the bike they discovered that someone had tampered with the ignition.  Damage to the ignition was observed by Officers.  The estimated cost for repair was not known at the time of the report.


Suspicious Incident – Headquarters received a report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that they posted items for sale on Facebook and received a message from a “William David” stating that they were interested in the items and would be sending a check.  When the check arrived it was from a Transportation company in Minnesota and made out for $1,750.00.  The victim then received a text message from “Mr. David” who stated that their financier made a mistake and made the check out for too much.  “Mr. David” then asked the victim to deposit the $1,750.00 into their account and send him the difference, but to keep an extra $20.00 for the trouble.  The victim found the situation suspicious, so they did not deposit the check or follow the instructions.  Officers attempted to contact “Mr. David” via telephone and left a message. 

This is a common scam residents are warned not to send money, or refunds.

Theft from Vehicle – Wilson Street – Officers responded to the area on a call regarding a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that they received a call from their financial institution regarding the possibility of fraudulent charges being made to their credit card.  The victim went into their vehicle to retrieve their wallet to get their credit card and notices that the center console was open and the wallet was missing.  The victim stated that they usually keep their car doors locked, but also could not locate their car keys.  All the providers were contacted and made aware of the theft.  The Detective Bureau assumed investigation.

Animal Bite- St Mary’s Pl. Police and EMT’s responded to St. Mary’s place in response to a snakebite. Police found the victim sustained the bite from a garden snake that they were keeping as a pet. The victim refused medical attention.

Field Interview – St. Mary’s Place – Officers observed a male sitting on a retaining wall with what appeared to be an injury to the left side of their head and conducted a field interview.  Upon a closer look, Officers could see several multiple cuts to both of his hands all of which were still bleeding and dripping onto his flip flops. The party could not provide a source for the injuries, which appeared to have been sustained recently, possibly within the hour. The party, Steven Lynch, 36, of Nutley, was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Newark and was taken into custody without incident.  Newark Police Department was contacted and advised of the arrest/warrant.  They released Mr. Lynch on his own recognizance with a new Court date. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Meacham St - Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of Nicholas Weegar, 49, of Belleville, for an outstanding warrant out of Newark - no bail.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, and Newark Police were contacted who advised Nutley Officers to transport Mr. Weegar to their jurisdiction.  No further action.


Identity Theft – Headquarters received a report regarding identity theft/fraud.  The victim stated that they were making a purchase at a local store and their card was declined.  When contacting the financial institution they were told that it appeared the card was breached and that someone tried to obtain personal information and charge $3,600.00 on the card.  The card has been canceled and the victim opted to be entered into the national ID Theft Victim database and signed all appropriate paperwork.  They were also advised to contact Headquarters should any further incidents occur.

Theft – Cook Road -  The Sprint Field Tech reported to Officers that 20 batteries were stolen from the Sprint Cell Tower. The gates were still locked and the battery cabinet door was closed.  The batteries are valued at $375.00 each.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

Roll over Accident – Woodland Avenue – Police and fire responded to Woodland Ave when a motorist lost control of their vehicle in the neighboring parking lot  and crashed into a storage shed, in an adjoining property.