The following police blotter has been issued by Detective Sergeant Anthony Montonari of the Nutley Police Department for September 10 to September 16 2016.

Please note:  All parties placed under arrest have been assigned a Court date and remain innocent until proven guilty of those charges at their respective hearing..

Medical Calls:  42

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Motor Vehicle Accidents:  23

Disputes/Suspicious Incidents:  24


Aggravated Assault - Bloomfield Avenue - Officers responded to the area regarding a vehicle that hit someone and fled the scene.  A victim and witnesses alleged that the driver of the truck had hit their vehicle from behind and was attempting to leave the scene.  When the victim exited car to speak with the actor, the actor became aggressive then got back in his truck and attempted to flee the scene.  The actor maneuvered his truck multiple times and intentionally turned his truck into the victim, pinning him between the vehicles, and sped off, in the process knocking the victim to the ground and sideswiping the victim’s van. The victim’s injuries consisted of bruises and lacerations to his left leg, left hip, left torso and left arm and was treated on scene by the Nutley Rescue Squad and the Nutley Fire Dept. A short time later Police stopped actor in Bloomfield.  The actor, Philip Tummarello, 55, of Roseland, was taken into custody and transported to Headquarters.  He was charged with Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purpose, along with motor vehicle violations:  Careless Driving, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident.  Court Administrator set bail at $50,000 with a 10% option.  The actor was released pending his Court date. 

 Theft – Lincoln Street – Headquarters received a report of a theft.  The resident stated that their Donald Trump Presidential lawn sign was missing from their front lawn.  Sign was worth approximately $20.00.  The surrounding area was checked for the sign with negative results.  No further action.


Motor Vehicle Stop – Kingsland Avenue – Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop for a driver that that had a suspended license.  In the process of checking for status, the driver was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Union City.  Yannick Caicedo-Obregon, age 21, of Union City, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  Union City Police Department was contacted regarding the warrant and stated that they would not be able to respond to transport Mr. Caicedo-Obregon until shift change at 7:30am.  He was issued three motor vehicle summonses from Nutley including:     Operating Motor Vehicle While Driver's License is Suspended, Unclear Plates, and View Obstruction.  Union City Police then contacted Nutley Headquarters to release Mr. Caicedo-Obregon on his own recognizance with his new mandatory Court date.


Motor Vehicle Theft – Albany Avenue – the victim of a motor vehicle theft walked into Headquarters to report their black Dodge Avenger stolen.  The vehicle was parked last night, doors locked, and all keys accounted for.  The car was entered as stolen and entered into police database.  Nothing further at this time.

Property Damage – Kingsland Avenue – Officers were directed to the area where they observed damage to the front retaining wall of the home.  It was torn from its footing and pushed forward as if it was struck by a large vehicle pulling out of the adjacent driveway. The driveway in question belongs to a property that is currently under renovations, and a dumpster was removed from the driveway at some point during the day.  There was no information on the current property owner or the dumpster company at this time.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Washington Avenue – while on patrol Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of the passenger Chantel Darby, 23, of Englewood.  She was transported to Headquarters without incident, processed, and charged with Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (metal grinder).  Ms. Darby was given a copy of her summons and advised of her Court date upon release. The driver was issued two motor vehicle summonses for Obstruction of Windshield and Driving While Suspended.  


Suspicious Person – Kingsland Street – Patrol was directed to the area regarding a report of a suspicious white male driving an old silver colored vehicle passing by the bus stop several times and waving to the caller.  Additionally, the actor then passed on foot and said hello.  The caller stated the actions of the individual made them feel uncomfortable and felt it strange since they did not know the male.  Officers checked the area for the party described with negative results. No further information.


Motor Vehicle Stop – Franklin Avenue – A motor vehicle stop was initiated which found the driver, Daniel Lewczuk, 31, of Garfield, to have a suspended license and a warrant out of Kearny.  He was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  Mr. Lewczuk was issued motor vehicle summonses for Maintenance of Lamps, and driving while suspended.  He was able to post the appropriate bail, advised to contact the Kearny Municipal Court for a new Court date and released from custody.

Fraud – Franklin Avenue – A local business owner reported that an older male party came into their store and gave their name and pin number for a Sprint Wireless account.  They purchased two Apple 6s iPhones, one silver and one rose gold, using a credit card with the name that appeared on the cell account.  The total came to over 1000.00.  Soon after, Sprint corporate notified the store that the transaction was fraudulent.  The store owner was advised that the two phones would be entered as stolen and the Detective Bureau was notified to follow up on the investigation.

Hazardous Condition – Lloyd St – Accompanied by the Health Department, Officers responded to the area regarding a complaint of a very strong foul odor.  The Health Department received several complaints for the stench emanating from one of the apartments.  Police accessed the apartment which was found to have an overwhelming, horrendous stench and observed several feline carcasses on the living room floor.  The Fire Department was contacted to assist with ventilation and provide protective cover up and masks before allowing anyone to re-enter the apartment.  Upon re-entry observed were several cats alive and walking around that appeared to be severely neglected and unhealthy.  The apartment was unkempt, and in total disarray.  There was garbage, carcasses and litter boxes overflowing with fecal matter.  More carcasses were found in the kitchen as well as the bedroom. The carcasses appeared to have been eaten and several had only skeletal remains.

Animal Control arrived on scene and conducted a check of the premises. They photographed the scene and removed 13 live cats to transport to their building for medical evaluation. They believed the number of expired cats to be approximately 12 but may have been higher prior to being consumed by the living cats.  The Health Inspector was in the process determining if the premise would be deemed uninhabitable.  After Animal control concludes their investigation and has a complete total for the expired cats, and time they had been deceased, they would determine charges to be placed against the actor, who hasn’t resided there for the past few weeks.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report from a victim who stated that while placing an order on a website for a puppy they received an email requesting that payment be made via MoneyGram.  After making the payment transaction, the victim was speaking with the representative “Frank” and told him that “things were not adding up” and “Frank” hung up on them.  The victim knew at that point that the puppy site was a scam.  Officers were provided with all of the website and phone number information for all parties that the victim had contact with.  Attempts to contact “Frank” went unanswered.  

Fraud – A walk in report was taken at Headquarters where the victim explained their computer shut off and a phone number appeared on the screen for tech support.  The victim called the number provided and gave the “technician” their credit card information and driver’s license.  Upon discovering that the call was a scheme, the victim contacted the bank before any charges appeared.  The victim wanted the incident documented for their records.  No further action taken.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Park Avenue – Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the driver, Tommy Zakrzewski, 26, of Nutley, being taken into custody on an outstanding warrant out of Little Falls.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, posted the appropriate bail, and was advised to contact the Little Falls Court to be assigned a new court date before his released.


Motor Vehicle Stop – Harrison Street – Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop and found the driver, Dianna Sancho, 31, of Mount Pocono, PA, to have a warrant out of Elizabeth.  She was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  She was issued a motor vehicle summons for Improper Safety Glass, able to post the appropriate bail, and was released after being advised to contact the Elizabeth Municipal Court for a new Court date.

Fraud – The victim responded to Headquarters to document an incident of credit card fraud.  It was found that their credit card was used on two occasions from a company “Tire Rack” where brake pads and another item for a Nissan Altima were purchased.  The charges $164 & $57 were disputed and their account was closed and a new one opened.  The victim was advised to contact a credit agency for a report in the event there may be any further fraudulent activity.

Criminal Mischief – East Passaic Avenue - Responded to the location on a report of criminal mischief.  The Homeowner Association’s representative stated that the fence ties spanning the 32 1/2 foot fence had been cut, causing the chain link fence to droop from the top rail. Further, a tension band and rail end band were removed from the terminal post of the fence causing the fence to droop at the northernmost corner of its structure.  At the time of the report, there was no dollar figure estimate for repairing the fence.  No further information at this time.  

Motor Vehicle Stop – Union Avenue – While on patrol, Officer initiated a motor vehicle stop that resulted in the arrest of Andy Checo, 37, of Belleville, for an outstanding warrant out of Rutherford.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident, issued two motor vehicle summonses for Driving with a Suspended Driver’s License, and Driving with a Suspended Registration.  Mr. Checo paid the appropriate bail fees, and was released from custody.  


Motor Vehicle Stop – Franklin Avenue – A red Ford Escape traveled passed Officers without their headlights illuminated which initiated a motor vehicle stop.  The driver, Luis Mora-Yupa, 35, of Newark, was driving with an expired and suspended license, and, in addition, was found to have two outstanding warrants out of Newark and Woodbridge Township.  He was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  Both agencies were contacted and both released Mr. Mora-Yupa on his own recognizance with his new Court dates.  Nutley Officers issued him three summonses for Failure to Use Lighted Lamps, Driving with an Expired Driver's License, Driving a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License and advised him of his mandatory Court date.