NUTLEY, NJ - Nutley Police Chief Thomas Strumolo has reissued his warning to Nutley residents to lock their vehicles. 

Strumolo has stated that burglary to auto is one of the townships leading offenses this year. It was one of the leading offenses in 2016 as well. One of the most widely known stories took place over Labor Day Weekend 2016 when Nutley police discovered that nearly 20 vehicles were illegally entered.

In addition to locking the vehicle, Strumolo urges residents to never leave valuables where they can be observed. Earlier this month the Nutley police department reported that $4,200 in jewelry was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Harrison Street. 

In the event that your vehicle has been entered. the Nutley Police Department advises not to touch anything. Call the police immediately. Evidence left at the scene may aid in the investigation and lead to prosecution.