Theft – Brookline Avenue – A report was taken in regard to an order that was not received.  The victim stated they placed an order worth $308.15 from ebay items were not received. 

Theft – Washington Avenue – A report of theft was placed with Headquarters.  The victim stated they had a box stolen from their front steps that was delivered via UPS from Amazon. 

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Fraud – Headquarters received a report of fraudulent activity on the victim’s debit card.  Several unauthorized purchases were made in the state of Florida.


Theft from Vehicle – North Road – An unknown actor/s broke into the victim’s vehicle while it was parked in the driveway.  It was believed the vehicle was locked at the time.  It was found that the vehicle was entered. There were no signs of forced entry and no damage was found to the vehicle.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident. 

Theft from Vehicle – North Road – A resident contacted Police to report a male actor described as a white Caucasian, approximately 5’11” in height, 160 lbs, wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, attempt to pull the door handle to their vehicle as it was parked in the driveway.   The party attempted to open the front driver’s side door of the vehicle, but was unsuccessful in gaining entry due to the vehicle being locked. There was no damage caused to the vehicle. 

Theft from Vehicle – North Road – While investigating another attempted theft from vehicle, two vehicles from the victim’s residence had been found to be entered. 


Theft – Park Avenue – The victim of a package theft contacted Headquarters to report the incident.  A package ordered through Amazon, was delivered and a photo sent to the victim.  Upon going to the lobby to retrieve their package, it was not available. 

Tree Limb Down – Rhoda Avenue – A Township tree fell onto the front lawn of a resident and took down a cable wire.  Nutley Shade Tree responded to remove the tree.  There was no property damage observed as a result  of the incident.  A limb did come down to rest upon the rear bumper of a vehicle that caused some scrapes and scuffs. 

Aggravated Assault on EMT/Resisting Arrest – Centre Street – Officers responded to the area in regards to a party acting erratic. Upon arrival, the party identified as Timmy Murphy, 29, was found screaming and yelling and acting disorderly.  It appeared Mr. Murphy was under the influence. Nutley EMS responded to the scene, and Murphy attempted to attack one of the EMT’s on scene.  Mr. Murphy continued to be combative and was placed under arrest prior to being transferred to the hospital.  He was found to have an outstanding warrant out of the Essex County Sheriff’s Office, who released him on his own recognizance with a new Court date.

The Prosecutors Office Authorized, Aggravated Assault on EMT, 4th degree, and Resisting Arrest, a DP, which were placed on summons and forwarded to the Nutley Municipal Court. 


Theft from Vehicle – May Place – The victim contacted Headquarters in regard to a theft from vehicle.  They stated they left their wallet with approximately $100 in cash, and credit cards in their vehicle and was advised by a neighbor that unknown actors entered the vehicle while it was parked in the driveway.  The victim believed their vehicle was locked. 

Theft from Vehicles – May Place - Headquarters received a report of vehicles being unlawfully entered in the victim’s driveway.  A light colored sedan was seen in the area that stopped a couple houses down from the victim’s home, and an actor described as a white or Hispanic male, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt is seen in the driveway attempting to pull on the door handles of two vehicles that were locked.  A Honda was then entered, and then a Chevy, which were thought to be locked. 

Theft – Hope Street –  Nutley Police were contacted regarding a report of theft.  A package, was inadvertently delivered to the victim’s old address that they did not receive.  After speaking with the new owners of the home, it was stated that the envelope was received, a note placed on the package stating the party no longer lived at the residence, and the package was left for pick up.  Upon returning home, the new residents stated the package was gone and they do not know who removed the package. 


Armed Robbery – Conover Avenue – The victim of an armed robbery contacted Police to report the incident.  The victim reported that he arranged to purchase “medication” from the actor “Michael” when the actor arrived he reached into the purse of a woman he was with and brandished a knife.  He then demanded cash from the victim. The actor “Michael” dropped the knife on the sidewalk, and fled the scene in a taxi. 

Nutley Detectives investigating the robbery identified “Michael,” as Michael Jensen of Union City and the “woman” as Mallory Mitchell of Paterson.


Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding an attempted fraud.  The victim stated that they froze their accounts due to a notification received about changing their password and application for a $1,000 transfer.  The financial institution was contacted and the accounts frozen before any transactions were completed. 


Arrest on Warrant – While Detectives were in Paterson following up on a robbery investigation, they found an additional party wanted on several warrants, including one involving a past occurred burglary (Sept. 2019) that occurred in our jurisdiction.  Andrew Liskowicz, 33, of Nutley, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters to be processed.  Mr. Liskowicz was also found to have outstanding active warrants out of Paramus, Clifton, and the Essex County Sheriff’s Office.  After processing, Mr. Liskowicz for the Nutley charges of Burglary - 3rd degree and Theft- 3rd degree, he was transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark.  The victims were notified of the arrest.


Nutley Detectives, along with Paterson Police, went to Mitchell’s residence where Jensen, was known to reside.  In addition to finding both Michael Jensen and Mallory Mitchell and placing them under arrest,  Andrew Liskowicz, 33, of Nutley was found on premises and taken into custody on active warrant including 1 out of Nutley for a past occurred Burglary, it is still being investigated if Liskowicz was involved in the robbery.  All three actors were transported to Nutley Headquarters without incident.

Michael Jensen, 29, of Union City was charged for Armed Robbery – Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose.  Additionally, he was charged with Possession of CDS, which was found on him during the arrest. 

Mallory Mitchell, 31, of Paterson was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Robbery.

In addition to the Nutley charges, Michael Jensen was found to have 5 additional outstanding warrants:  2 out of Newark, 1 out of Secaucus, 1 Essex County Sheriff’s and 1 Bergen County Warrant.  All jurisdictions were notified of the arrest.

Andrew Liskowicz was also found to have 3 outstanding warrants out of Paramus, Clifton, and an Essex County want.  All jurisdictions were notified of his arrest.

All three parties were transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark.


Stolen Motor Vehicle– Oakridge Avenue – Officers arrived on scene in regards to a report of a stolen motor vehicle.  The victim stated that they parked and locked their vehicle in the driveway last evening and upon returning to the vehicle this morning it was no longer in the driveway.  Vehicle was described as a grey, 2007, Honda Odyssey van.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident and took over the investigation.