Anyone who has information regarding any crimes can send a (non-emergent) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log into and search Nutley

If a call is received from someone claiming that there are warrants out for your arrest, and they supply you with your name, address, and last four (4) of your social, DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR ENTIRE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. THIS IS A SCAM

Police have received a number of complaints regarding phone fraud involving PSEG. Police Chief Strumolo urges residents to contact PSEG directly if anyone representing to be from there are seeking payment.

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If you sell any item/s on the internet, DO NOT accept a check for more than the item was agreed to be sold.  DO NOT deposit checks that have instructions to send a portion of that check to another location.  The checks are fraudulent and you WILL lose money from your account.


Motor Vehicle Stop – River Rd – Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop after finding a vehicle parked illegally, running, and the driver slumped over the wheel.  Jose Torres, 37, of Newark, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was issued the following summonses, Operating Under the Influence, Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test, advised of his Court date, and released.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Park Avenue – resulted in the arrest of the driver, Nolan Kerr, 37, of Nutley, who was transported to Headquarters without incident.  He was issued summonses for Driving While Intoxicated, Leaving the Scene of Accident, Refusal to Submit to Chemical Breath Test, advised of his mandatory Court date and released.    


Identity Theft – Headquarters received a walk in report of Identity Theft.  The victim stated that they were advised by their bank that their address was changed.  The victim contacted the bank and informed them that they did not request a change.  At that time, the victim went to the bank in person and found two transactions were denied.  Upon returning to the bank, they were told that a charge was made using the credit card for the amount of $2,189.00. 

2 (TWO) Theft from Vehicles – River Road – The first incident:  the victim returned to their vehicle and noticed the lock on their front driver’s side door was damaged.  A Magellan GPS was stolen.  Also stolen was loose change and an I-Phone charger.  The second victim reported that their stereo system from inside their vehicle was taken. Unknown value.  Detective Bureau notified.

Criminal Mischief/Theft – Washington Avenue – A walk in report was made at Police Headquarters regarding a past theft from a vehicle.  The victim stated that she was parked in a convenience store lot for 15 minutes then noticed her tan leather travel case to be missing from the vehicle.  Officers inspected the motor vehicle with the victim and did not observe any signs of tampering with the ignition. The victim pointed out multiple scratches on the rear driver’s side door and front passenger side door that they feel occurred while the vehicle was parked at the convenience store. The damage done to the vehicle was photographed by Officers. The victim completed a stolen property report and was instructed on how to obtain a copy of their report.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.


Suspicious Persons - Center Street – Nutley Detectives observed what appeared to be a drug transaction, and after confirmation of same, arrests were made of two Belleville residents:  Nicholas Weegar, 50, and Robert Roselli, 47.  Both parties were transported to Headquarters without incident.  Mr. Weegar was charged with CDS Distribution and was ultimately transferred to the Essex County Correctional Facility.  Mr. Roselli, was found to have an outstanding warrant out of Bloomfield, who were contacted and released him on his own recognizance with a new Court date. Additionally, he was charged with CDS Possession/Influence and released from Nutley’s custody. 


Fraud- The victim of fraud reported the incident to Officers.  The manager of a local company stated they sent a wire transfer for quarter of million dollars that was "hacked".  The funds were diverted into an account out of Seattle, WA.  The victim contacted both fraud departments for the company bank and the bank the funds were diverted to.  Police Detectives are working with Secret Service. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of a fraud.  The victim stated that they received a text message from someone who they thought was their employer asking them to purchase gift cards:  $300.00 in iTunes gift cards and $300.00 in Steam gift cards and they would be reimbursed the next time they were in work.  The victim purchased the gift cards as requested and received another text message stating they needed the information on the gift cards and asked them to scratch off the seal on the reverse side of the cards and to send “him” pictures of the codes, which the victim provided.

A couple of days later the same party text messaged them again and asked for an additional $900.00 in gift cards.  The victim stated that they responded stating that they would like to help, but would need to be reimbursed first for the initial $600.00 of gift cards.  After that the actor did not respond to any further messages. 

Upon returning to their place of employment, they discussed the reimbursement of the gift cards with their boss who had no knowledge of the incident and stated the telephone number did not belong to them. The victim and their boss tried calling the number and a man answered and hung up.  At that point, the victim responded to Headquarters feeling they had been defrauded. 

Officers tried calling the number and was able to contact a man that stated they have had this phone number for 8 months and has no knowledge of the incident.  Apple customer service was contacted and confirmed the funds have been completely deleted.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.


Suspicious Person – Satterthwaite Avenue – Officers responded to the area for a party seen in the backyard of a homeowner which resulted in the arrest of Eric Dotoli, 30, of Nutley, for two outstanding warrants from our jurisdiction.  He was transported to Headquarters without incident to await his Court hearing

Property Damage – Booth Drive – Response was made to the area regarding a report of a baseball being hit into a motor vehicle.  The vehicle was parked and unoccupied when a baseball came from the Park Oval and struck the top of the passenger side quarter panel.  Officers observed the damage to the top of the passenger side quarter panel and the fact that a baseball game was taking place at the Nutley Park Oval.  The victim was advised of how to obtain a copy of their report. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of a fraud.  The victim stated that they used a taxi service and paid their fare of $12.36 with their debit card.  Shortly after, the victim received a call from their financial institution questioning three (3) recent ATM transactions coming out of Brooklyn, NY (ATM Withdrawal -$1000, ATM Withdrawal -$1,500, ATM Withdrawal -$500).  The victim had their debit card canceled and advised the bank that they were not in Brooklyn at the time of the transactions and was refunded the transactions to the account.  Additionally, the incident was reported to the NY Taxi and Limo Commission.  The victim was offered and declined being entered into the FBI Identity Theft File.  Nothing further.

Theft – Warren Street – Headquarters received a walk in report in regards to a theft.  The victim stated they ordered two (2) S10 Galaxy phones valued at $1,875.44, with an expected delivery of 04/05/19.  Upon tracking the delivery of the package the victim was advised it was delivered today but when they went to retrieve the package, it was not there.  Upon calling the company regarding the incident they were told that the records indicate the package was delivered today.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.


Recovered Stolen Vehicle – Speer Place - While addressing a parking complaint, Officers observed a Grey Toyota Scion parked left of curb, with no front license plate and a rear plate out of Illinois.  The registration came back with no record found.  An attempted was made to read the VIN on the vehicle but the VIN was obstructed with grey spray paint. Further inspection of the vehicle showed the IL license plate was attached to a folded up NJ registration which came back as a stolen vehicle out of Belleville.  Belleville PD was advised and contacted the victim.  The vehicle was removed from the roadway and the victim was given instructions of how to pick up their vehicle.


Motor Vehicle Stop – Centre Street – Patrol units initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of Frank Naula, 25, out of Belleville, for an outstanding warrant out of Newark.

He was transported to Headquarters without incident, issued summonses for Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended NJ Driver’s License, Operating an Uninsured Vehicle,  brought to the Court where the appropriate bail was paid, advised to contact Newark for a new Court date, and released from custody.