Dispute – East Centre Street – A dispute between two men resulted in the arrest of Mr. Adrian Vickers, 46, of Linden.  He was transported to Headquarters, processed, and charged with the following:  2 Counts of Terrorist Threats- 2 Counts of Possession of A Weapon For An Unlawful Purpose He was transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility and transferred into their custody.


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Suspicious Person – Montclair Avenue – A resident contacted dispatch to report an unknown person in their yard.  Several other neighbors stated that the same male was seen in their yards also.  Officers were able to locate the party, Mr. Gabriel Santiago, 59, of Paterson, was placed under arrest and transported to Headquarters.  He was charged with Disorderly Conduct - Improper Behavior, and advised of his Court date.  Before being released, Mr. Santiago was advised not to return to either of the three homes, and if he was found to be there, he would be charged with Defiant Trespass as well.  

Motor Vehicle Theft - East Centre St. – response was made to the area and Officers met with the victim of a past occurred motor vehicle theft who stated when they arrived to work their 1967 Cadillac Sedan Deville was missing from the front parking lot.  The actor was described as a Hispanic male, with a medium build, wearing a black T-shirt, khaki shorts, and black and white shoes.  Additionally, the male suspect has light colored dread locks and a possible “chin strap” styled beard, with a cross tattoo on their right forearm with other possible tattoos.  Through investigation and the help of Bloomfield Police Detectives were able to identify 33 y/o Joshua Lang-Davilla of Newark as the actor. He was charged with motor vehicle theft and presently detained at the Essex County Jail.


Hazardous Condition – Kingsland Street – Patrol units arrived at the area to check on a report of a pile of nails in the roadway.  The caller stated that this was the second time this week that they observed nails in the street.  2” coarse drywall screws were found directly adjacent to the residence in the middle of the intersection.  It is possible the screws fell off of a construction truck working in the area.  Nutley Fire Department responded to clean up the screws.  Nothing further at this time.


Theft – Conduit Place – Several empty boxes were located in the area of Conduit Place.  Officers found that several packages were taken from nearby homes, ripped open, contents removed, and boxes thrown on the ground.  There were three males seen in the area.  One male was tall and the other two were short, no clothing description was available.  The three entered a small black vehicle, described as “modified” with after-market “wheels”.  The vehicle turned east on East white Terrace and then north on River Road at a fast rate of speed.  The packages were tracked to 2 (two) locations on Highfield Lane and 2 (two) on Washington Avenue containing various items valued between $3.00 and $50, with total loss of approximately $150.00 for all items.  Detective Bureau was notified.

Burglary – Oakridge Avenue – Officers responded to the area in regards to a burglary.  The resident came home and found items out of place and felt it suspicious.  Units.  The owner advised  Jewelry, headphones, and loose change was found to be missing.  The Detective Bureau was advised and responded to process the scene.  Investigation to continue.

Theft – Highfield Lane – The victim of a theft contacted Headquarters to report the incident.  It was stated that the doorbell camera captured the image of a male party wearing a baseball cap going on the front steps and removing a package that was delivered by Amazon and contained a stainless steel sink worth approximately $99.00.  Detective Bureau was notified and took over the investigation. 

Theft – Whitford Avenue – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a past occurred theft.  The victim stated that they received a delivery from the United States Postal Service, valued at $102.00, and then shortly thereafter received a notification from their surveillance of an unknown male running off of their property.  The suspect appears to be a male, wearing a black hat, blue shirt, blue sweats, and displaying a mustache.  A total of 3 (three) packages were taken from the front steps.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident. 


Illegal Dumping – Ackerman St -  Officers responded to the area in regards to illegal dumping.  The homeowner showed Officers a twin mattress that was thrown and dumped in their driveway by two juveniles in a minivan. There did not believe to be any damage done to the property or vehicles. The mattress was able to be moved to the curb for pick up. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding fraud.  The victim stated that they were contacted by a party who identified themselves as Shahzaib Anwar, a representative of Utility Warehouse, who could cut their utility bills by 50%. Shahzaib explained that they would pay the victim’s bills in full, and all that the victim needed to do is send half of the money to the company.  The victim agreed and gave the actor (Shahzaib) their PSE&G account number, which was paid via a checking account for $400.  The victim then deposited $200 cash into a checking account as instructed by Shahzaib.  This method continued for 4 (four) more accounts, with the victim depositing cash into checking accounts for half of what was owed.  It was found that all of the checks Shahzaib used to pay the victim’s bills later bounced and the bills are still unpaid.  In total the victim was defrauded of $2,800. 

Burglary/Theft – Park Avenue – Response was made to the area regarding a past occurred burglary and theft.  The victim stated they returned to work and discovered their safe missing.  The safe is described as a Sentry Safe approximately 2’x2’ that contained cash, and important personal paperwork.  Also missing were 12 truck batteries.  The Detective Bureau was advised of the incident and assumed the investigation.

Theft from Vehicle – Harrison Street – The victim of a theft from vehicle responded to Headquarters to report the incident.  The vehicle was parked in the driveway overnight and when the victim returned to the car they observed the right front door wasn’t shut completely.  Upon further inspection, it was discovered that check books that were left in the glove compartment were missing.  The financial institution was advised and voided the checks.  There were no signs of forced entry.  The victim was advised of how to obtain a copy of the report. 

Theft of Identity – Headquarters received a report regarding an incident of Identity Theft.  The victim stated that they received notification from Verizon that their internet/cable plan was on hold due to a past due balance of $4,963 on a wireless account that the victim was unaware of, and does not hold.  A partial account number was given that was linked to an address in Bristol, PA.  The victim was advised of the Identity Theft Database, which they declined to enter at this time.

Theft from Vehicle – Passaic Avenue -  Headquarters received a report regarding a theft from vehicle.  The victim returned to their vehicle and observed their glove box and center console open.  The contents were found on the front passenger seat.  The victim noted that the vehicle was left unlocked.  There were no signs of forced entry and the owner’s manual, vehicle registration, and insurance card were the only items missing from the vehicle. 

3 (three) Theft from Vehicles – Conover Avenue – Response was made to the area for the report of three (3) vehicles that had been entered while parked in their driveways.  Two (2) of the vehicles were parked in the same driveway.    There were no signs of damage observed.    Detective Bureau arrived on scene to take over investigation.  A registration was found for another vehicle that was located on the same street and Officers were able to advise the owner of the incident.  There were no signs of forced entry and the owner was provided a stolen property form.  Detective Bureau to continue investigation.

Theft – Passaic Avenue – Headquarters received a report regarding a stolen bicycle.  The victim described the bike as a 20" BMX style bicycle, color black, with a green front brake lever on the right-hand side and two white, front pegs that was left on the back patio area.  The bicycle has an approximate value of $90.  A photo of the bike was entered into evidence and the Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.  Nothing further.

Property Damage – Willow Place – Officers responded to a tree down and met with the homeowner.  They stated that a large tree had fallen and struck the deck, garage, and victim’s vehicle.  The extent of the damages was unknown at the time of the report.  Township Shade Tree responded to the scene and removed the tree.  Victim was advised of how to obtain a copy of their report for their homeowner’s insurance. 

Theft from Vehicle – Duncan Place – Officers responded to the area in regards to a past occurred theft from vehicle.  The victim stated they parked their car in the driveway but forgot to lock it.  Upon return they found $8.00 in change missing from the center console and the glove box rummaged through. There were no other signs of damage to the vehicle.  Detective Bureau arrived to the scene.


Burglary – Nutley Avenue - Narrative: Homeowner arrived home and found their front door kicked in.  Officers arrived and cleared the residence and while doing so, found the master bedroom ransacked.    Detective Bureau was advised and responded to the scene to process and assume investigation. 

Between 9/4/19 and 9/5/19 our Township was subjected to numerous auto burglaries that occurred during the middle of the night.  A Ridge Road resident alerted Officers to suspicious activity involving several individuals on their property.  The actors fled the scene leaving behind a backpack that contained over $200.00 in loose change and a laptop computer.  A series of Attempted Thefts from Vehicles and Thefts from Vehicles were found to have transpired in the areas of Raymond Ave, Cedar St, Chadwick Dr, Sunset Dr East, Coeyman Ave, Underhill Ct, Conover Ave, Passaic Ave, and Harrison St, that found an abundance of loose change, headphones, personal checks, credit cards, cash, designer sunglasses, laptops, and backpacks taken from inside some of the vehicles. 

Residents are reminded to remain conscientious in securing their vehicles and are encouraged to remove valuables from inside as to deter criminals from committing crimes of opportunity.  Video surveillance obtained in the areas affected showed the actor/s leaving driveways of vehicles they had attempted to open but were found to be secured/locked.

Nutley Police Detectives are working collectively with neighboring Bloomfield and Belleville Police Departments in a combined effort to apprehend the suspects.

In the event you find that your vehicle has been compromised, please contact Police before entering or touching it.

As always, if you have any information or video surveillance that may have captured suspicious actors, please contact Nutley Police 973-284-4940 or email directly to NutleyDetectives@NutleyPD.com