Anyone who has information regarding any crimes can send a (non-emergent) Tip Anonymously by texting CRIMES starting message with NPDTIP or log and search Nutley

Police have received a number of complaints regarding phone fraud involving PSEG. Police Chief Strumolo urges residents to contact PSEG directly if anyone representing to be from there are seeking payment.

If you sell any item/s on the internet, DO NOT accept a check for more than the item was agreed to be sold.  DO NOT deposit checks that have instructions to send a portion of that check to another location.  The checks are fraudulent and you WILL lose money from your account.

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Fraud Franklin Ave – Victim reported several credit cards had been opened in their name, without their consent.

Animal Investigation- Columbia Ave- Nutley Police were flagged down advising there was a dog possibly struck by a motor vehicle near Van Winkle. When police arrived, they observed the dog and was able to determine its owner through its dog collar. The owner then arrived on scene and took possession of the dog that was lifeless, and non-responsive. Unknown who the driver, who struck the dog is at this time.

Burglary to Auto- Glenview Rd. Police were called to a residence on Glenview when the homeowner woke and observed their vehicle had been entered and interior ransacked. Police are investigating this and other similar entries this evening.

Burglary to Auto- Sharlene Rd. when the homeowner woke and observed their vehicle had been entered and interior ransacked. A pocketbook had been stolen and later recovered a few houses away.  Police are investigating this and other similar entries this evening.


Burglary- Manhattan Ct- Police responded to Manhattan Ct in response to a burglary. Homeowner reported jewelry and other proceeds missing from residence. Detectives responded to assume the investigation. 

Pedestrian Struck- Franklin Ave- Police and Rescue responded to Franklin Ave in response to a 63 y/o woman who was struck by a motorist backing up while attempting to cross in walk. She suffered an arm injury, she refused transport to hospital at this time.

Identity Theft- Pake- a resident reported to police that a pair of sneakers had been delivered to them that they did not order. The resident reported that billing information belonged to them, however, the recipient had a different name and believed that their account had been accessed fraudulently. They were entered into the Victim database for fraud victims.


Theft Washington Ave- Owner reported that during the cleanout of a house of a deceased relative they discovered that a watch had been stolen. Police are investigating.

Activated Alarm- Centre St.- Police and Fire responded to a Centre St Building for an activated fire alarm, and discovered an area of activation was in a basement office. A sprinkler head had activated and caused significant flooding and damage.   Fire was able to shut the water and contact building management.

ATM – A victim called police to report that while attempting to use the Banks ATM machine a malfunction occurred in which the machine kept the card and money. Police made a report and directed the victim to respond to the bank first thing in morning.

Attempted Theft- Washington Ave- Police were called to a Washington Ave location when a caller reported observing several men attempting to gain entry into a trailer. When police arrived the men had already left. The trailer did not appear to have been entered.


Intoxicated Fight- Passaic at Union, Police intervened between two intoxicated parties that were engaging in a fight prior to police arrival. One party was advised of their right to sign a compliant the other was transported to an area hospital for the intoxication.


Disturbance Franklin Ave- Police responded to a basketball game in which some parents were engaged in a dispute. Police confirmed the argument was only verbal and was able to adjust the incident.

Medical Hillside Ave- Police responded to the area of Hillside and Vreeland for a report of a man laying in the roadway. Police determined the man may be intoxicated and suffered a laceration to his head. He was transported to an area hospital for evaluation.

Criminal Mischief- Crestwood Ave- Police were called to a home, when the resident reported criminal mischief to their auto. It appears someone purposely poured cola all over vehicle.

Accident Park Ave- Police responded to a motor vehicle accident in which the driver reportedly struck a deer. Police on scene were able to confirm, due to the animals hair being in the vehicles grill. The driver was not injured, and police searched the area looking for a possible injured deer with negative results.


Medical- Franklin Ave- Police and NRVS responded to a NJ Transit bus on Franklin Ave when a passenger suffered a medical emergency. Police administered Narcan and the victim regained consciousness. They were transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Motor Vehicle Investigation- Police called to the intersection of Kingsland and Darling for a suspicious vehicle parked, questioned 24 y/o Giorgi Giorgobiani of NY why he was parked on private property. At this time police discovered CDS in vehicle and arrested Giorgobiani he was later released pending a court hearing.

Resident assist- Windsor- a resident who was locked out of her home attempted to gain entry through a second floor window when her foot became wedged between ladder rungs. Police and Fire responded to scene and assisted her off the ladder then into the home.


Motor Vehicle Investigation- Passaic and Chestnut- Police responded to intersection in report of a vehicle facing south in the intersection. They identified driver Joseph Flanagan of Montclair to be under the influence and transported him to an area hospital for treatment. Police charged Flanagan with driving under the influence.

Motor Vehicle Investigation. – Police stopped a vehicle that proceeded through an intersection against a red signal and found the driver James Costanzo 50 y/o of Belleville to be wanted by Bergen County Sheriff’s Dept. He was arrested and detained until picked up by that agency.