Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of theft.  The victim stated they were contacted by their employer and advised that someone (actor) had put in a claim for unemployment in their name through the NJ State Dept. of Labor, using the victim’s name, and social security number.  They were advised to monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity and to contact Police should any further information become available regarding the incident.


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Dispute – Kingsland Street – Officers responded to the area in regards to a verbal dispute.  The tow truck operator stated that they arrived on the Parkway to tow a vehicle, and after it was hooked and being transported the owner changed the location of drop off, but did not want to pay the required fee.  The tow truck removed the vehicle and the customer offered $40.00 for the $159.50 tow fee.  The customer was advised that the fee was not to be haggled, and if so, the vehicle would be taken to the tow yard until the issue was satisfied. 


Noise Complaint – Bloomfield Avenue - Headquarters received a noise complaint.  The victim stated every Monday and Thursday between 4:30-5:30 AM, the garbage collection company picks up the dumpster on Bloomfield Avenue, and they make excessive noise.  Officers advised the complainant they will contact the garbage company to rectify the problem. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding fraud.  The victim found a fraudulent transaction on their debit card and contacted the financial institution to alert them.  The representative told the victim that it was a pending transaction and not to worry, it would not go through.  As it turned out the purchase did go through, and the victim received the package at their office. 

Property Damage – Brookfield Avenue - Residents of the home contacted Headquarters to report property damage.  A private tree located in the backyard collapsed and hit the window of the home. 


Suspicious Incident – Union Avenue – Headquarters received a report regarding suspicious text messages.  The victim stated they were in receipt of messages which included pictures of dead bodies.  The written message contained the names of some of the victim’s family members and warned that “they” (actor/s) had knowledge of the victim’s location as well as their family members.  The actor/s made reference to “solve things now to avoid problems.” The number was not familiar to the victim, nor did they respond.  The victim was advised that the tactics were similar to other scams that have happened in the past and to not respond. 

Illegal Dumping – Albany Avenue – Resident reported to Officers that an unidentified party driving a small white cargo van discarded some tires on an empty area of land on the block.  A license plate was not observed to identify the vehicle.  Arrangements were made to properly discard the tires. 

Identity Theft – Headquarters received a report of identity theft.  The victim stated they had received two letters in the mail regarding credit applications that were denied a couple of months ago.  They recently received a phone call from a collection agency regarding an outstanding balance of $2,499.98 for the purchase of two cell phones that were made using their maiden name. 


Multiple Charges – Centre Street – The manager of a local convenience store contacted Police regarding an incident involving threats from two (2) customers.  It was stated that both parties entered the store without masks and were told by the manager that they were required for entry into the establishment.  This lead to a back and forth discussion that turned into terroristic threats being made by the female actor towards the manager. The manager contacted Police after the two left The incidents were captured on video and showed the events as described by the victim.  Officers met with the two actors and proceeded to place Timmy Murphy, 30, of Nutley, and Rosemarie Prisco, 50, of Fort Lee under arrest.  Mr. Murphy was charged with Obstruction and Resisting Arrest, which were placed on summons. Ms. Prisco was charged with Aggravated Assault and Resisting Arrest.

Simple Assault – Franklin Avenue – Officers responded to the area in regards to a report of an assault.  The victim stated they were assaulted by a 50-year-old female actor after she and a male party were asked to remove themselves from lying at the front door of the victim’s business.  The female actor stated the business owner made derogatory comments towards them.  Both the victim and the female were explained their right to sign complaints with the Municipal Court regarding the incident.


Theft – Hillside Avenue – A resident reported that a purchase worth $1,598.31 from Walmart was marked delivered and signed for by the victim, but was never received or signed for by them.  The package was delivered via FedEx, and when it was reported as missing they requested a Police report to further their investigation.  The victim was advised of the procedure to obtain a copy of the report. 

Theft – Darling Avenue – Officers responded to the area in regard to a past occurred shoplifting.  The store manager stated that while they were attending to their store duties they mistakenly left an activated lottery book out in the store. When they went back to retrieve the book it was gone.  It had a total value of $300 and was deactivated by the NJ Lottery Commission, who was advised of the incident. 



Aggravated Assault – Centre Street - Officers responded to the area in regard to a man that had fallen and had facial abrasions.  Upon arrival the party in questions was a familiar to Police.  It was determined that Timmy Murphy was extremely intoxicated and for his well-being should be transported to the hospital.  While aiding Mr. Murphy into the ambulance he became combative and was place in handcuffs.  Once placed in the ambulance, the EMT on scene, who was wearing the full departmental EMT uniform, stated they were kicked in the chest.  Prosecutor’s Office was advised of the incident and approved to charge Mr. Murphy with Aggravated Assault.