Field Interview – Franklin Avenue – Officers approached a suspicious vehicle and the driver of the vehicle drove away striking the officer.  A motor vehicle pursuit was initiated and terminated.  The driver was identified as Shanoa Glover, age 30, of Newark and was charged with Aggravated Assault, Obstruction, and Possession of a Weapon for Unlawful Purpose.  Additionally, motor vehicle summonses were issued for: Reckless Driving, Failure to Observe Traffic Control Device, Failure to Give Proper Signal, Speeding, Failure to Pull Over Emergency Vehicle, Failure to Keep Right, Improper Passing, Failure to Pass to Right, Failure to Yield Right of Way, Leaving Scene of Accident Involving Personal Injury, Failure to Report Accident, Operation of Motor Vehicle While in Possession of CDS, No Liability Insurance, and Failure to Have Inspection.  Newark Police placed Ms. Glover under arrest and transferred her to Nutley for processing prior to going to county jail.

Theft from Vehicle – Monroe Street - Officers responded to the area on the report of a theft from vehicle. The caller stated that they parked their company vehicle and the doors locked.  Upon returning to the vehicle they noticed damage to the front driver’s side door lock cylinder and all the windows were open. It   appeared someone broke into the vehicle and rummaged through the interior. It was not known at the time of the report the cost to fix the door lock cylinder.  

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Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated they applied for a Capital One Visa credit card and never received it.  While checking the account they noticed several transactions made on the card at a gas station, Popeye's Fried Chicken and a few other locations in Newark and Irvington totaling approximately $300. The frauds department was contacted and canceled the account.  They also advised that an attempt was made to re-open the account using the victim’s social security number, but was declined.

Theft from Vehicle – Sargent St – Response was made to the area regarding a report of a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated they found the driver’s side door to their car ajar with the glovebox open.  After driving the vehicle to run errands they noticed items missing from the back seat that they put in it the night before.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident. 


Property Damage – Hillside Avenue – The victim reported property damage to their vehicle that was in their parking space in a lot that serves several businesses.  The car was there for several hours and upon return the owner observed several scratches on the driver’s side.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report from a victim that stated they received a phone call from a male party who identified himself as "Nutley’s Chief of Police".  The male party advised them that drugs were located at Carrollton, TX 75006 and through investigation the drugs were linked to the victim.  The male caller advised the victim that they will be charged with money laundering and drug trafficking, but if they paid the outstanding balance of $3,000.00 it would all be resolved.  The victim stated that they were familiar with the Nutley Chief and believed the caller.  The male actor advised the victim that "John Davis" of the Drug Enforcement Agency will be contacting them on their cell phone with further instructions.  The victim was instructed to respond to the nearest Target and buy (1) $2,000.00 gift card and (1) $1,000.00 gift card totaling $3,000.00.  the victim purchased both gift cards and contacted “John Davis” and provided the codes to the give cards, which now have a zero balance.  “Mr. Davis” then instructed the victim to no longer make contact with him.  It was at that time the victim realized it was a scam.  The victim stated that their bank accounts were not compromised.  Officer did advise the victim to monitor their bank accounts and how to retrieve a copy of their Police report for their records.  Attempts to make contact with someone from the number provided were negative.  Detective Bureau is investigating.

Wire Down – Beech St – A service wire was observed down on the property.  Officers were able to contact the homeowner to make them aware of the situation.  The neighbor was advised not to utilize their front door and remain off the front property.  Officers executed a perimeter with Police caution tape to make the scene safe.  PSE&G was contacted, responded to the scene, and service was repaired. 


Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraud.  The victim stated that they mailed three separate checks: one for $120.00, one for $138.66, and one for $1,786.66, totaling $2,045.32.  The victim then stated that they checked their online banking and noticed the three payments were not complete.  They looked on their app and noticed two out of the three checks were signed with a signature of a line, and the third check was not signed for. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Washington Avenue – A motor vehicle stop was initiated resulting in the arrest of the driver Ngawang Rinchen, 21, and passenger Jagger Weglarz, 19,  both of Nutley.  They were transported to Headquarters without incident, printed and processed.  Mr. Weglarz was charged with Underage Possession/Consumption of Alcohol, a Disorderly Person’s Offense, and Possession of Marijuana, which were placed on summonses. 

Mr. Rinchen was charged with Possession of Marijuana over 50 grams -, Possession with Intent to Distribute CDS, Possession/Distribute within 1000 ft. School - 3rd degree, Possession/Distribute within 500 ft Park- 2nd degree, Possession Paraphernalia, and Possession Synthetic Cannabinoid, which were placed on warrants.  Mr. Rinchen was transported to the Essex County jail. 

Suspicious Person – Chestnut Street – Response was made to the area regarding a male with no clothing walking in the area. After a search, Police units found the naked male holding onto an orange traffic barrel's flashing light. The male was completely nude wearing only an ankle bracelet and he wasn't answering any questions. The male party, Joseph Morgan, 30, of Clifton, had an active warrant out of Essex County, was placed under arrest, transported to Headquarters, processed, and then transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility.


Field Interview – Warren Street – a party was found in their parked vehicle.  The occupant, Simone Molinaro, 27, of Nutley, was taken into custody without incident, processed, charged with Possession of CDS, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia which were placed on summons, advised of her mandatory Court date and released.  All items were entered into evidence.

Motor Vehicle Stop – Park Avenue – Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of Norma Balderasdehernand, 44, of Passaic for an outstanding warrant out of Passaic.  She was transported to Headquarters without incident, issued two motor vehicle summonses for Driving While Suspended, and Improper Turn at Traffic Light.  Passaic Officer responded and took custody of Ms. Balderasdehernand. 

Field Interview – Brookdale Avenue – Response was made to the area where it was reported a male and female were arguing in the street.  Upon arrival it was found that the parties had locked the keys inside the vehicle.  Additionally, Nicole Freitag, 30, of Bloomfield, was found to have a warrant out of Passaic, and was placed under arrest.  Passaic Police were contacted and released Ms. Freitag on her own recognizance with her new Court date.  Entry was able to be gained into the vehicle and the driver retrieved their keys.


Theft from Vehicle -   Rutgers Place -  A resident noticed a video alert on their phone from their Ring doorbell.  The footage showed a tall Hispanic male, wearing a white t-shirt, and ski goggles on their head, standing near the front door examining an “Apple” watch.  The victim recognized the watch from being inside their vehicle and upon checking noticed it was now missing.  A couple of papers had also been moved about inside the vehicle.  The Detective Bureau was advised and responded to scene and believed this was the same actor burglarizing vehicles in prior weeks. Charges are pending.

Two (2) Thefts from Vehicles –  Ridge Rd – First vehicle was left unlocked and did not appear to be damaged.  The interior was rummaged through.

Second vehicle was left unlocked and had no signs of forced entry. The interior was rummaged through.  The Detective Bureau was advised and response was made to the area.         

Theft – Spring Garden School – Officers responded to the area in regards to a stolen bicycle. 

Theft from Vehicle – Hancox Avenue – Headquarters received a walk in report of a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated they parked their vehicle in their driveway and left it unlocked.  Upon return they observed their wallet missing that was left inside the small compartment above their car radio.  The victim stated that their credit card had a fraudulent charge for $19.07 from a Quick Check in Belleville.  Due to the fact that the victim already entered their vehicle, drove it to work, and the rain which occurred during the day.   Victim was advised to respond to NJ Motor Vehicle Commission to obtain a replacement driver's license. 

Theft from Vehicle – Brookfield Avenue – Officers were dispatched to the area in regards to a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that out of the three vehicles in their driveway, one was left unlocked and was entered into by unknown actors.  The victim noticed the sun glass holder, glove box, and center console were open and the registration and sunglasses were left on the passenger's seat.  Detective Bureau notified.


Lost dog- Police took possession of a small Pomeranian dog located by a resident near Rutgers Pl. The dog was transported to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter.


Disturbance- - Cathedral Ave- Police responded to calls of disturbance emanating from a house party. When police arrived they reported noise coming from hundreds of people that were attending the party. The homeowner was advised that they may be issued a summons if the noise did not cease.

Suspicious Person-Hancox- A resident reported to police that a suspicious man was sleeping in their yard. When approached the man he told them he had a job but was homeless. After notifying police the man left, the resident located the man at a Belleville gas station where he appeared to be intoxicated. Police checked the caller’s residence, and it appeared there was no damage or attempt of criminal activity other than him sleeping in their yard.

Missing Person Located- Rutgers Pl. Police located an 80 y/o man who was reported missing out of Clifton. Police patrolling the area discovered the man at 3:37 in the morning, and appeared to be confused and disorientated. Police discovered the man had been entered missing earlier by Clifton. He was safely returned to a family member.