Field Interview – Kingsland Avenue -  Clifton Police shared information regarding a burglary in their jurisdiction and the description of the individual matched that of a party in our area.  A field interview was conducted which resulted in the arrest of Brian Scott, 39, of Newark, who was wanted by the Essex County Sheriff’s Office.  Mr. Scott was taken into custody and ultimately transported to the Essex County Correctional Facility where custody was transferred. 


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Motor Vehicle Stop – Centre Street – Officers initiated a motor vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of the driver, Brad Murillo, 28, of Bloomfield for an outstanding warrant out of Belleville.  He was transported to Headquarters where a search incident to arrest found him to be in possession of marijuana.  Charges were administered on summons for Possession of Marijuana, and motor vehicle summonses for Improper Display/Unclear Plates and Windshield Obstructed for Vision were issued before he was transported to Belleville PD. 


Property Damage – Laura Avenue – Police and Fire units responded to a report of a small fire in the street.  The Fire Department quickly extinguished the fire with handheld extinguishers. The victim stated that they placed a small sparkler firework in the garbage and did not realize that it was not fully extinguished.  There was damage to a garbage can, but the value was unknown at the time of the report.  Nothing further.

Fraud – Headquarters received a report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that there were three (3) separate instances of an unknown party using their checking account for charges totaling $835.00.  The checking account has been closed and there were no other fraudulent charges found on their other accounts. 

Criminal Mischief – Park Avenue -  A report was received regarding criminal mischief to auto.  The victim stated that when they returned to their vehicle today they observed a dent on the top of the driver’s side front fender and another on the side of the passenger side front fender. Both dents appeared very high off the ground and did not appear to be caused by another vehicle. 

Property Damage – Nutley Avenue – Officers responded to the area regarding a call of property damage.  The victim stated they noticed the front, driver’s side window of their vehicle was shattered.  It was possible a small rock inadvertently kicked up from the property and struck the window causing it to shatter.   The victim was advised to contact Headquarters if they find that something is missing from inside the vehicle and how to obtain a copy of their report.


Theft from Vehicle – Columbia Avenue – Headquarters received a report regarding theft from vehicle.  When the victim returned to their car this morning and started driving to work they noticed the interior was rummaged through.  The only item that was missing was a flashlight, It should be noted that the vehicle was left unlocked and no damage was observed.

Theft from Vehicle – Chestnut Street – Officers responded to the area regarding a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated that they parked their company vehicle in the driveway and when they returned they observed the passenger side door was slightly ajar, their work issued laptop was missing from the interior, and the center console had been rummaged through.  There were no signs of forced entry to the vehicle and the victim stated they were positive the doors were locked when it was parked.   The Detective Bureau was notified of the incident. 

Theft from Vehicle – Ridge Road – A resident reported that when they returned to their car this morning it appeared to be rummaged through.  The exterior of the vehicle was wet due to the rain and the interior of the vehicle was disturbed prior to Police arrival.  The car was left unlocked and unattended during the night. 

Theft from Vehicle – Ackerman Street – A victim walked into Headquarters to report a theft from vehicle.  They stated that upon returning to their parked vehicle they observed their glove box open with the items and paperwork it contained were on the passenger side front seat.  The owner’s manual, insurance card, and registration were missing.  There were no signs of forced entry and it was stated that the doors were left unlocked.  Detective Bureau was advised. 

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding fraud.  The victim stated that they observed a withdrawal from their banking account that was not made by them.  The withdrawal was for $8,219.10.  The bank stated that the transaction was made with a personal check.  The bank froze the account and will be investigating the incident.  It is believed that the victim’s personal information was no obtained.  Nothing further.


Theft from Vehicle – Columbia Avenue – Resident stated that when they returned to their vehicle they noticed the passenger front door was not completely shut.  The center console and glove box were found to have been rummaged through.  The vehicle was left unlocked during the overnight and there were no signs of forced entry or damage. 

Theft from Vehicle – Holmes Street – Victim stated that upon returning to their vehicle they found it had been rummaged through.  The car visors were down, the ashtray, glove compartment open, and money missing from inside the vehicle.   Additionally, an unknown Android cell phone was found that did not belong to the victim.  Detective Bureau arrived on scene to take over the investigation.

Theft from Vehicle – Cedar Street - While canvassing the area due to a burglary to auto, Officers observed a vehicle with its driver’s door ajar and the interior rummaged through. Contact was made with the registered owner who stated they were unsure if their vehicle was locked, but nothing appeared to be missing. 

Theft from Vehicle – Bloomfield Avenue – Officers responded to the area on a theft from vehicle.  The registered owner stated that their vehicle was rummaged through, but was no longer on scene.  The vehicle had been left unlocked.  Detective Bureau was advised of the incident.

Theft from Vehicle – Ridge Road -  Response was made to the area in regards to a vehicle that had been entered during the overnight hours.  The doors were inadvertently left unlocked and had already been gone through by the victim. Detective Bureau was advised.

Theft from Vehicle – Bloomfield Avenue – The resident responded to Headquarters to report their vehicle being entered during the overnight hours and a 2015 Apple MacBook Air 13-inch laptop (approx. value $1,000.00) was taken. Nothing else appeared to be taken from inside the vehicle.  Victim was unsure if the vehicle was locked.  Detective Bureau notified.

Auto Burglary – Raymond Avenue/Cedar Street -  Officers interrupted an Auto Burglary in progress on Raymond Avenue.  After a brief chase Nutley Patrol Units were able to take into custody two (2) juveniles, found to be from Passaic.  Proceeds from other thefts occurring during the last two nights, were found in possession of the juvenile actors.  A Chrome Book computer was found inside a North Face backpack that belonged to a Cedar Street resident.  After making contact with the victim it was found that their two vehicles were entered into and rummaged through.  Due to the circumstances, each juvenile was charged with 3 counts of Burglary, 3rd degree, 1 count of Theft, 3rd degree, 1 count of Obstruction, 4th degree, and remanded to the Essex County Youth House. Nutley Police believe these actors are the same from the previous night and may be involved with the burglary on Bloomfield Ave. Police continue to investigate and additional charges may be applied.

Burglary – Bloomfield Avenue – Homeowner contacted dispatch to report a past occurred burglary.  The victim stated that during the overnight hours, someone entered their house and stole their purse.  The caller was made aware of the incident when a lady, who they did not know the identity of, came to their home and returned their wallet.  The unidentified lady stated that she found the wallet on Passaic Ave. in Clifton, in the same condition it was returned.  Detective Bureau advised and response was made to the home.



********Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicle– Police responded to S 12th St in Newark to recover a stolen Dodge Charger. The vehicle was stolen on June 6th from a Nutley Ave residents driveway. Police are processing vehicle.