Fraud – Officers responded to take a report of fraud from the victim who stated an unknown actor changed their direct deposit information without their knowledge.  The sent an email to their human resources department, asking for their direct deposit to be moved to a different account.  The victim’s last two paychecks were re-routed to an unknown account and they have not been reimbursed for them.  The third check from today was declined and returned to payroll.  It was not deposited into the fraudulent account.   Officers contacted the Cooperate Security office of the financial institution to report the incidents.  Detective Bureau was notified of the incident. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – River Road -  A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of Juan Rosa for an outstanding warrant out of Newark.  He was transported to Headquarters, able to post the appropriate bail, issued two motor vehicle summonses for Careless Driving, Driving While Suspended, advised of his Court date, and released from custody.

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Property Damage – Cottage Place – Victim stated that while parked a large rotted tree limb came down during a rain storm and damaged the front hood of their vehicle. The tree was identified as a town tree. A note was left for Shade Tree at the desk to have them check the tree.  It was not an immediate hazard at the time of the report.


Theft – Renner Avenue – A resident alerted Police to an incident of theft.  The witness stated that they noticed a car stopped in front of their neighbor’s house and it appeared someone was fixing a flat tire on the vehicle.  When the neighbor went outside to see if they knew the parties needing assistance they realized that they were not familiar faces.  The actors had apparently jacked up the neighbor’s car and removed the front left tire and were attempting to put the stolen tire on the disabled vehicle.  It was at that time that the actors noticed the resident and they fled the scene on a flat tire taking the stolen tire in their possession.  Officers observed the front right tire and rim were removed from the vehicle and the car was sitting on the ground.  The victim was contacted and advised of the theft and stated that nothing else was damaged or missing.  The approximate value of the tire and rim is between $450-500.  Detective Bureau was advised and responded to the scene for processing. 

Property Damage – Oakridge Avenue – Officers observed a tree limb from a town tree lying on the roof of a vehicle which sustained moderate damage including scrapes, scratches and large dents.  Nutley Fire responded to the scene to remove the tree limb and place caution tape around the area.  Shade Tree was contacted to remove the debris and another limb that appeared to be a hazard.  The registered owner was advised on scene. 

Motor Vehicle Stop – Washington Avenue – A motor vehicle stop resulted in the arrest of Jeremy Marte, 20, Belleville, for an outstanding warrant out of Bloomfield.  He was transported to Headquarters, Bloomfield PD contacted, and released Mr. Marte on his own recognizance with a new Court date.  He was issued four (4) motor vehicle summonses for:  Improper Display, Safety Glass Requirement, Loud Muffler, and Driving While Suspended, which have a mandatory Nutley Court date. 

Property Damage – River Road -  Response was made to the area in regards to property damage to a motor vehicle.  The victim pointed out a cluster of scratches about a foot long to the driver’s side quarter panel. Parked next to the victim was another vehicle that also had the same scratches to the front passenger side fender.   It was apparent that someone had been carrying something and attempted to walk through the small space separating the two vehicles accidentally causing the damage to the paint.


Theft from Vehicles – Myrtle Ave & Lafayette St – As stated in a Nutley Police bulletin, multiple vehicles were entered into during the evening hours.  All victims stated their glove compartments, center consoles, and items were found opened and in disarray.  All vehicles were reported left open and there were no signs of forced entry.  Detective Bureau was advised of all incidents and took over the investigation.

Property Damage – Municipal Lot #2 - Officers responded to Municipal Lot #2 on a report of a tree limb which had fallen.  Upon arrival, they observed a large limb which fell from the tree directly behind the former restaurant.  There did not appear to be any damage to the surrounding buildings, but the limb did knock off the glass portion of a town lamp post (Unable to reach pole to ascertain number due to heavy debris from tree limb).  Officers we were able to cordon off the walkway that leads from Franklin Avenue to Municipal Lot 2 and in the immediate area of the restaurant.  Desk personnel advised Nutley Parks Department - Shade Tree Division.

Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report of fraud.  The victim stated that they left the country and allowed their boyfriend to stay in their apartment while they were away.  Upon returning, they found the apartment was unkempt and could not get in touch with the boyfriend.  Upon going through the mail, the victim found bank statements which indicated the boyfriend opened two (2) credit cards under the victim’s name.  There was a Chase bank debit card and a Credit One bank debit card opened.  One accounts amount due was $1,224.21.  The victim contacted both banks, advised them of the incidents, and they will be investigating through their fraud departments.  Officers attempted to contact the boyfriend with negative results.  The victim was advised of their right to file a complaint with the Court.


Property Damage – Beech Street – Officers responded to the area on a report of property damage.  The landscaper parked in the area had a red colored Toro push style lawnmower parked behind their trailer and believed it was run over by a party operating a tractor with the construction company working on the property.  The damage to the mower was not consistent with being run over by a tractor, so it cannot be determined exactly how the mower was damaged.  The victim was told they could see if the contractor would help pay for repairs to the mower, if they claim responsibility, or the victim can contact their insurance company.  Nothing further.


Juvenile Compliant- Police stopped two juveniles following a dispute one of which was in possession of alcohol and marijuana. He was taken into custody and will be charged with underage possession of alcohol and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. The other was intoxicated and taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Suspicious Incident- Police responded to Ackerman – Police took a report from a resident that stated a party was there to inspect their water. Police were able to review video surveillance and unable to confirm at this time if the actor was legitimate.

Field Inquiry- Police stopped a 40 y/o man from Montclair after receiving reports a shirtless man looking into resident’s garbage cans along Coeyman Ave. When questioned he told police he was lost but appeared to be wet. He then told police he had been fishing in Bloomfield’s Clarks Pond when a turtle bit his line and pulled him in the water.  After documenting and checking the man for any possible wants he was released and provided a curtesy transport.


Assault – Franklin/Vreeland- A Nutley resident reported he was assaulted and is being harassed by another Nutley resident that led to an assault. Police were able to speak with all parties and advised them of their rights to sign complaints. 

Fireworks- In addition to the several complaints for fireworks,- Police responded to Nichols Park when a fire started as a result of fireworks. Police detained four individuals responsible for lighting off the fireworks that rerated in the fire. Two were issued summonses for the fire.

Noise Complaint- Sherwood Lane- Police responded to a noise complaint where a group of young people were creating a disturbance. It appeared that the group had been making a lot of noise while jumping from the roof into a pool. The homeowner denied that this was taking place and subsequently found it prudent to end the party.

Missing Person- Memorial Park- Police were called to a Franklin Ave Business regarding a 26 y/o missing man with diminished mental disabilities. After an area search, he was located and returned to his mother.


Aggravated Assault – Alexander – Officers responded to the area in reference to an assault to an Uber Driver. The driver reported that he had an argument with a female passenger then was assaulted by the male passenger, resulting in injury to the drivers eye. The actor 29 y/o Brian Doyle of Tennessee was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault. He was transported to Essex County Jail pending Court Hearing.

Assault- Alexander Ave- Police responded to a residence when it was reported that an assault occurred between two males. The actor a juvenile allegedly assaulted an 18 y/o male that needed medical attention. Charges against the 16 y/o juvenile pending.

Noise Complaint- Ernest St. Police responded to a noise complaint in which a party in excess of 40 people were creating a disturbance. By using a microphone and loud speaker. After several attempts to disperse the crowd police issued the owner a Township Summons.