Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a suspicious incident.  The victim stated that they received an email from Fed Ex that their package from Dell Computers was in route to be delivered.  The Dell G7 15-7590 computer, valued at $1,434.10, was delivered to their address and signed for by an unknown party.  The victim was notified of the delivery and contacted Dell Computers to tell them they did not purchase a computer.  Dell officials advised the victim that they will investigate the incident as a fraud.  There were no fraudulent activities on the victim’s bank, credit statements, or any loss of money.  It appears an unknown party was able to access the victim’s e-mail account to retrieve the package information.  Officers advised the victim to change their password and/or a new e-mail.  The victim completed the Identity Theft form and was entered into the database. 


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Fraud – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a fraud.  The victim stated that they ordered $1,053.00 worth of medical supplies and has yet to receive their package.  Upon inspecting their checking account, they noticed the company had charged their account the $1,053. 

Identity Theft - The victim of Identity Theft reported the incident to Headquarters.  The victim stated they misplaced their wallet that contained their debit and credit cards.  All of those institutions were contacted regarding the incident and a hold was put on the accounts.  An email was received by Amazon stating that their purchase of $126.88 could not be authorized due to a freeze on the account.


Fraud – A report of Identity Theft was made at Nutley Police Headquarters.  The victim stated they received a credit card statement in their name from Sears, which detailed a charge for $1,000.00.  The victim continued that they do have a Sears Credit Card, but with a different account number.  The account was immediately recognized to be fraudulent, and Sears was contacted, and canceled the account, as well as their current account. 


Edgar Place – Theft from Vehicle – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding a theft from vehicle.  The victim stated they realized there had been a theft from their vehicle when, on the way to work, they approached a toll on the parkway, and discovered all the change from the ashtray disappeared.  Approximate $5.00 in change was missing. 


Identity Theft – Headquarters received a walk in report regarding Identity Theft.  The victim was notified of a drop in their credit score which prompted them to review the information given.  Found was an outstanding balance for a loan opened through Citizen’s Bank that the victim never applied for.  The bank stated that the loan was under their name, no payments had been made, and fees were charged on top of the loan.  There was no further information available.  The victim was advised of the Identity Theft national database, to which they applied for.  All information was entered accordingly.  All credit agencies were contacted and they flagged the victim’s information.